So this site was referenced in another thread.

I checked it out, and its disturbing in a way...

Apart from the eternal bullshit that patriotism = conservative, and the whole "if you're not a conservative you hate America" thing, something just doesn't seem to compute - it's a series of blog posts that do the standard bashing of democrats, obamacare, whatever.

They are self described as "Representing the millions of patriotic gays and lesbians across the USA by standing up for freedom, fairness, free speech, privacy and true American values."

What the fuck are these people about? Seems to me it's just a handful of people who write this up, as there's not a single interaction tool on the site.

Also, look at their tags, it's funny:

Posted by GayPatriot at 4:34 pm - August 23, 2010.
Filed under: Democrats & Double Standards, Dishonest Democrats, Leftist Nutjobs, Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberalism Run Amok, Mean-spirited leftists

I kinda lold at that.

So what do all of y'all think the point of this shit is?