am i a love fool?

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    Feb 23, 2008 12:05 AM GMT
    even though i said many times to myself that there is no real love in this world,but i find it is still hard for me to have a one night stand even once,no,i really can`t do that,that cold beheavor without emotion not suit me.maybe i still believe in love,but just because of this kind of situation makes me confused.
    i admit it is nice to imagine one day with ur husband stay at home,sitting on the sofa watching lattest movie,and then with several kids playing play station at home,or after they grow up we can play basketball and football together,it is so cool!
    and it is just my imagination.what a hard to find ur mr right,and how difficult to find someone who is so good to attract u,even this kind of people exit,i think i am not so lucky to get him,maybe already got by another man.
    so,i face the reality,i am 22 years old,and still alone,no love,even sex.hehe,it seems that i am looked like some strange idiot.what i mean is i am not young anymore,and i am still not find someone who can company with me,who can share my life.
    people always talk to be why not take life easy and go out make some fun,i tried recently,i dated with someone just from gay dating website,the first one i met,after we drunk several beers,we back into the car talked(in fact i find he talked really boring,cause there is no main topic at all,this time he said nice weather and later he changed said u got a nice jeans,anyway,all about something not funny and unimportant),several minutes later he strarted to tried to touch my little brother,and thinking my little brother not his toy i pushed his hand off my little brother and said "hey!what r u doing?"after that the stmosphere became frezzing.and we both just want to find some excuse to finished this date.and another one he said he was 24,and when we met,i found he is more than 42!it is so ridiculous.u can imagine how sucked from started.and after that i finished this kind of ridiculous things.i am really not good at that.
    until i met S,everyday we talk through msn,this last more than 3 months now,we talk everything we have everyday,sometimes he singing for me,even he most of time not in key,and some times he send me some comedy play to make me big laugh.and he always send me email when i am not online or when he can`t sleep.i told him recently that i am planing to move canada,and if like that,we can be together,soi collected every imformation about canada recently,and planing move to canada and settle down there this summer.but since this week thursday i haven`t seen him online,i just waitted him from morning i get up until the deep night,i still can`t see him online,and today when i back from work i finally saw him online,but when he saw me online he suddenly offline.well,i am so upset now,i think i got kind of miss him.and i am wondering does his passion fade?something makes me like a fool.i don`t know what i am doing now.internet relationship seems so ridiculous,but i did,and now it turn out to be it is true i a love fool?or i am a badluck man,everytime seems to strart and then always get quickly off.i am tired of living like this,but i can`t stopping of expect of love.omg,i must be crazy,why i have such a complicated case......icon_eek.gif
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    Feb 23, 2008 12:11 AM GMT
    it sounds like it was a virtual relayionship for hiom nothing more nothing less.

    I feel sory for yuo as having been to Malta there is not exactly that much of an enamouring gay scene out there, altho I hear that St Julians now has a couple of gay venues.

    Stop trying so hard, try and take it easy a little. On gaydar you'll find lots of gay men in Malta, but alas as its still pretty prejudice out there I think you will fin dmost are not into relationships but that doesnt mean they all are not.

    Im not saying you have to put out but sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate and getting in touch with some in Malta doesnt mean you have to jump in to bed with them. The best friends I have made in my life and also partners too have been introduced more often by other friends and aquaintances
  • morholt

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    Feb 23, 2008 1:52 AM GMT
    I's a weel known fact: You'll never find love if you keep refering to your penis as your "little brother".
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    Feb 23, 2008 3:55 AM GMT
    Your original post is too long.
    I didn't even bother reading it ...and not too many other people will either.
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    Feb 23, 2008 4:24 AM GMT
    I read it...
    I think i can break it down too...

    Youa re in a place where the only possible relationships are sexual only
    YOu want to have kids someday even if it means adopting
    Somebody tried coming on to you way too soon and they weren't really your type
    Also somebody has lied to you about there age before meeting you. Lying is never the right thing to do in my opinion.
    You have recently had a net relationship and are working on a plan to meet them but this person seems to be avoiding you a lot recently.

    some sexual relationships as long as you are safe are somewhat healthy and can blossom into something more but don't push it right away unless that was already the mutual plan. maybe you should get this plan in writing? icon_lol.gif
    Don't give up on having a family someday oh and you are 22 not 72 so don't go shooting off that you are too old so soon.
    Never let anybody take advantage of you but at the same time please try not to refer to your anatomy as your little brother it sounds to NAMBLA to me.
    If somebody lies to you before they meet you even over a simple thing like age they could also be lying about a bunch of other things like HIV status or if they have kids and a wife already. Steer clear from these men.
    /The internet is not the most relibale way to find somebody but could possibly be one of very few outlets for you so i suggest when meeting somebody to bring a trusted friend or relative also Keep a good emotional barrier/shield for internet heartbreak... It happens all the time and never give up hope. I may have already said this but It's probably the most important advice based on opinion and fact that i can give you.

    PEACE OUT!!!
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    Feb 23, 2008 8:44 AM GMT
    it is true a long and borning one to read.just yesterday evening felt a little depressive.this morning when i got up i felt like nothing is ok now,love is not all my life,i still have work,school,gym,friends,family...see,hihi,life is brilliant,don`t worryicon_lol.gif

    wake up and smell the coffe everybody!i am so sorry what what i did yesterday evening,just forget about it and leave this away.i like to see people happy everyday.

    and another thing,thanks bfg1 and alexander,thank u both for give me advices.i am ok now,trust me.yesterday i was little silly.

    as all of u said about litter brother thing,lol,maybe we share different culture,asian people just use little brother as a cute name of cock.em....something like someone call u sweet,or babe,like that.

    i am going to take a shower and then plan to buy a jacket,i think it is time to say ciao~
  • Grimlock

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    Feb 23, 2008 10:04 AM GMT
    Some good pointers by bfg and Alexander.

    22 is still a very young age. It's best to be patient and not rush into things.

    The internet is a great tool for meeting people, but you're going to run into as many shady/questionable folks. You just have to be cautious when you meet them the first couple of times.

    As for the MSN guy, he may not have intended for it to go further than just MSN chat, or he may have gotten a little nervous because he thought you wanted to move to Canada for him even though you haven't met in person yet.

    I know you're feeling pretty sad and alone now, but the best thing to do is to go out with your friends for a little bit. You won't want to, but you will feel better once you do.