Does this really work?

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    Jun 06, 2007 3:45 PM GMT
    Does anyone kno if HYDROXYCUT really work? I read in the local paper about a guy ho used it and said that it does work but im still sceptical. Does anyone who've tried it know if it does or doesnt work
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    Jun 06, 2007 10:31 PM GMT
    I think if it really worked then everyone would know about it. I've had several friends go on it. No results...

    When they cut out the ephedra, they got rid of the results...
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    Jun 06, 2007 10:32 PM GMT
    Not that I'm condoning ephedra use...that stuff can be nasty
  • jc_online

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    Jun 07, 2007 1:16 PM GMT
    I've used it and had some good results. BUT, it must be paired with better eating habits and regular workouts. Over the past 2 years I've lost almost 30 pounds with a combination of Hydroxycut, eating less, and strong workouts. In the time periods when I wasn't on HYCut I didn't lose as much.
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    Jun 07, 2007 2:00 PM GMT
    I lose some weight. Not sure it is because of Hydroxycut or because I start watching my diet and exercise more. But I develop some side effect that my vision become slightly blurr. When I urinate , my piss kinda smell really bad. When I first use it my heart kinda pump faster but becoming normal after a few day. I havent finish the whole pack , really not sure if I will buy it again.
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    Jun 18, 2007 3:14 AM GMT
    Hyroxycut and most other formulas like it work only if you also do your part and diet.

    When I used hyroxycut last it actually had ephedrine in it. That stuff was nasty. I had horrible dreams at night, never seemed to sleep well, talked all night long. I woke up like I never slept.

    Also I was hyper, my heart was racing a lot and I got irritable. I lost some weight but my appetite also adjusted after a while. I started eating more so in a couple of weeks the effects of it were not really THAt visible.

    overall with the exception of Leukic, anything by MuscleTech is pretty much garbage. Don't waste your money on it.

    Clean your diet up drink 2 gallons of water, stay away from refined sugars, white flour, eat tons of green vegetables, fruits, and lean sources of protein like lean red meat, chicken breast, eggs, fish and don't forget to have a free day a week.

    And in 3-4 weeks you will see a definite change. You will get leaner. It will be slower than these magical fix pills but your body will thank you for it, and you will see the difference in the way you wake up, and your skin, your memory, the calmness of your digestive track, and overall feeling of wellbeing.

    If you must use a diet pill of some sort to get you started, remember this, try not to use them for more than two weeks. Try two weeks on and two weeks off.

    Never take the full dosage the first time you try these pills. The bottle listed dosages are always on the heavier side especially for smaller guys like me.

    Start with half dose for a couple of days. -- that is take half of what they tell you to take for the number of times they tell you take it.

    If it agrees with you and you experience no side effects you can increase dosage.

    I will end this post with a cautionary tale: I used to take Hotrox religiously presummer months to lean down. It is yet another fat loss pill. Well all was well except after a couple of months I noticed that wherever my butt touched the chair at my office job was losing fat more than the rest of the tissue around it. Long story short, products like this can create dimples, unevenness in fat stores giving you male version of the cellulite. So buyers beware. It takes months of months of strict diet and very targeted exercise to fix these unevenneses created by these products.

    That's what I observed from the outside, God knows what they do to your insides.

    Take care

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    Jun 18, 2007 4:17 AM GMT
    The main active ingredient in that stuff, like most weight-loss supplements, is caffeine. Most plants produce some amount of caffeine, and by blending different plant extracts, you can try to get a sustained-release formula. There are lots and lots of research papers on the effects of high doses of caffeine on athletic performance and weight loss. (I know a guy who's wife did her Ph.D. dissertation on the topic... he was one of the test subjects, lol.)

    There are positive benefits, but as the other guys have pointed out, they are greatest when combined with diet & exercise programs. The negative side-effects really vary between individuals. (I seem to have built up a fair tolerance to them. But then again, I grew up on a sixth-generation cherry farm, and cherries are pretty high in caffeine. You can just call me "tweak.")

    I also kept a stock of the ephedra formula around for years, but never really used it in a program... just for the periodic all-nighters that my jobs seem to require.

    My favorite label instruction from a "supplement," and I'm afraid that I can't remember which one it was, was something like, "take two of our pills before working out, then put extra effort into your workout." They guaranteed that you'd get results if you followed the directions.
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    Jun 18, 2007 4:20 AM GMT
    Oh, also wanted to point out an observation from the adds for hydroxycut and other similar supplements. The "before & after" pics all obviously feature body builders who have just finished a "bulking" phase. Every one of them is chubby, but has massive muscles BEFORE they start on the product...

  • marko313

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    Jun 18, 2007 7:06 AM GMT
    Yes hydroxycut works very well for me...but only if you do lots of cardio and try your best to stick to your diet...the only side effects i had was stomach cramps and more bowel movements than normal.
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    Jun 21, 2007 5:11 PM GMT
    on any diet pill they all reccomend diet and exercise, if you do that then you wont need to take pills right, trust me diet pills are so bad for you. i had a bad exerience with them. your heart is racing all the time and your mind is like a kid with add on speed. you cant sleep, your dreams are wacked, your sense are hightened to an extreme, to where everything smells and taste rancid, then there was also the time when one gets hospitalized cause diet pills made your blood sugar leves drop to 45 which is very close to diabetic coma. there are so much more healthier ways of doing it, just be careful