OUR MILITARY SUCKS! OUR COUNTRY SUCKS. and a lil dont ask dont tell

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    Aug 29, 2010 8:23 AM GMT
    I had a friend... he was wild, crazy, and straight. had alot of tattoos drank alot. smoked alot of weed. and prob would do anything he could get his hands on in terms of girls or drugs. He knew he was in a downward spiral and wanted nothing more than to die on the frontlines rather than die pathetic. Hes still alive.. tho the military denied him admission because he had too many tattoos. Meanwhile. another kid from my town. Straight A student in HS... IVY league college... VERY good looking... MENSA Genius...dies on the front lines without any of his brains ever put to use except to be blown out with national media exploitation. like they put him there on purpose to glorify the war. to give the fallen soldiers a face. that is marketable. This kid could have been a strategic/tactical genius yet they put him where he was not qualified and in the most danger... which many believe was because of his loooks. hes marketable... in death. (they were both stricon_cool.gif

    Now they dont want gays? well EVERYONE knows gay guys are hot. we make up a large % of the actors and models of the world. were marketable. and willing to fight. If you hate us so much use us as a front line. as your sand bags. as the walls of your trench. send us in like this is Hurt Locker. If you love us... dont let us fight. USA- you LOVE GAYS.. YOU foot tappin republicans to the boy touchin priesthood.... YOU ARE GAY. You dont want us there because u want us here.

    With that said... my friend... with his arrest record... and tattoos.. and certifiable trash. he is just no goood. WHY would we not waste him as our front line? and all out DENY him from joining the military b/c of tattooos? He is a waste of life. And wants to be there. wants to die there. for us. yet... we take the brains that happen to have very good looks... and allow them to go to waste by being blow out and throw it all over the media. WE as a people have a problem with the overpopulation. why save the trash? esp when they volunteer to go?!

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    Aug 29, 2010 9:47 AM GMT
    Sounds like you're saying your friend should have been the one to die.
    He might be a friend to you, but it doesn't sound like you're a very good friend to him.