Waist size vs. Pant size --what gives? Waist size, other measurements and beginning a diet/exercise program...HELP

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    Aug 30, 2010 3:59 PM GMT
    Hi guys,
    First off, I searched the forums for other postings and couldn't find what I was looking for so I thought I'd post (my apologies if this info is indeed out on the forums and I couldn't find it)

    So I started a diet this past week to begin to lose some weight and I am getting back in to the gym to facilitate the weight loss and overall better health.


    I took my measurements the first day I was dumbfounded by my waist measurement! I measure at my navel and I got 37" and then I measured where my pants sit and it was 37" too! The problem here is that I wear between a 32 and a 33" pant and I can't figure out what's going on. I also have a pair of A&F shorts that are a 30R and when I measured them, just by themselves laid on the bed, they showed 37". Right now I'm wearing 33w Eddie Bauer jeans and they definitely are a little loose. So what's the deal between the pant size you buy in the store and how I measure at home? What am I doing wrong?

    My goal is: 30 or 31w (like I was when I was 26)

    I heard somewhere that you take your ideal body weight and and multiply that my 10 to get your ideal caloric intake to get to that weight (so for me 145lbs ideal weight would be 145X10= 1450cal daily) Has anyone else read/heard about this?

    I know that to lose weight a huge part is diet and it comes down to having a calorie deficit but does that mean if I eat 1450 cals a day I need to exercise to burn >1450 cals a day in order to lose weight OR does that mean if I eat 1450 cals/day and I burn 500 cals/day then I've only really taken in 950 cals (1450-500), then that will help me lose weight?

    Exercise: I'm starting out slow...taking baby steps, some walking, jogging, etc...mostly cardio, I figure that one I get to the weight that I want, then I will add in strength training and tone up. Is this a good plan?

    My info for those of you that might respond:
    28yo, Current weight 172, waist 33-34 chest 38
    Goal weight 145-150, waist, 30-31, chest 41-42 (the chest I know won't get bigger until I start the strength training part of my exercise.
    Would like to the goal weight by end of Oct 2010.

    Thoughts? Thanks for any advice on any part of my massive posting here icon_smile.gif
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    Aug 31, 2010 11:40 AM GMT
    re: pants size, if you do a google search you find this question a number of places and people stating what you state. No good explanation. Maybe it's to make us feel smaller than we are.

    The #s of calories you supposedly burn from exercise is in practice not useful to compare to the # you take in. Pretend you're not exercising when you are counting the calories, because studies show that exercise has very little impact on weight loss.

    If you're trying to drop fat quickly then you aren't going to be taking in enough food to build muscle. If you really wanted to go hardcore you could do an atkins-type diet, no carbs, drop a lot of weight fast, and then start exercising after that. Or if you are good at being precise do that diet but eat like 20-40g of carbs right before working out so that you burn them off and go back into ketosis.


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    Sep 01, 2010 8:12 AM GMT
    Here in United Kingdom some shops are making clothes bigger

    A study has revealed shoppers are being deceived by a ploy called 'vanity sizing', in which stores flatter their customers by making clothes bigger so they think they are buying a smaller size.

    Several major high street shops - including Marks & Spencer and Gap - appear to have made their measurements larger despite size labels remaining the same. And the study found sizes vary wildly from store to store, depending on the type of customer who shops there.

    A report out yesterday says Exercise 'could prevent cancer'

    More than 10,000 cases of breast and bowel cancer could be prevented each year if people took more exercise, such as going for brisk walks, experts said.

    Just 45 minutes a day of activity at a moderate level could prevent about 5,500 cases of breast cancer in the UK.

    At least 4,600 bowel cancer cases could also be stopped if people were moderately active for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, research showed.

    Moderate activity is any type of exertion which gets the heart beating faster and makes people breathe more deeply.

    Shorter bouts of exercise are also just as effective as longer sessions - it is the total time spent on activity that is important.

    The calculations, from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), show the importance of diet and exercise in lowering the risk of developing cancer.

    Alongside brisk walking, other activities that would count include cycling at a leisurely pace, dancing, swimming at a leisurely pace, gardening and vacuuming combined with other housework.

    According to the WCRF, exercise also cuts the risk of women developing womb cancer.

    And because people who exercise tend to be more likely to keep a healthy weight, their risk of dozens of other cancers is lower than people who are overweight or obese.

    Health experts warned last week that obesity was placing an "overwhelming" burden on the NHS as figures showed a 785% rise in weight-loss surgery.