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    Sep 01, 2010 10:56 PM GMT
    ...this is a long shot, but i am going to give it a go anyway. Who knows it could open some doors somewhere.

    I am currently sitting with an RYA level 2 powerboat licence, that I got for work, and have yet to do anything with. I want to increase the qualifications that i have with it so i can get up to day-skipper and beyond.

    To do that i have to log a certain number of hours helming at sea to qualify for upper tiered programmes.

    In addition to that, i have 21 days holidays to take before the end of this year, after the end of october.

    So my idea, is to find mates etc who run motor boats up to 12 m (i think i can operate up to 24m) who would be willing to take on a volunteer helmsman to drive the boat around for a while so that i can log the hours in my book. ( I am also in the process of getting the license commercially endorsed)

    That way I can get a holiday and some much needed experience in and spend sometime out on the water hopefully in the sun!

    Of course travelling to areas will be the key, and finding somewhere to stay as well! But thats all in the details.

    Right now southern Europe seems to be within my scope of travel, but am open to most ideas.

    Please note, any genuine help i will do my best to reply and take opportunity from!

    Anyone looking to chain me to a centre board and do naughty things to....well it all depends on how hot you areicon_twisted.gif

    I am pretty good judge of character, so be-warned I'll spot the trolls a mile off.

    For the genuine, thank you in advance for any help forthcoming, please drop me an email and we can chat about it there

  • Erock11

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    Sep 02, 2010 4:33 AM GMT
    Why not try French Polynesia? or even Australia. That would be amazing.