I work for an agency that serves HIV populations and a goal for myself and my manager is to begin developing a Center for Men's Health. Currently the men's programming at the agency (specific to men only) consists of support groups, a two day seminar on health for men who have sex with and or attracted to other men, and a periodic luncheon with a speaker that comes and talks about current issues in HIV catered specifically to men. Other services that are offered to all clients, so men may elect to take part in them if they so choose, include educational dinners and workshops, nutritional counseling, naturopathic consultations, alternative therapies (i.e. accupuncture, reiki, etc.) and behavioral health counseling.
Being so immersed in the work that is already happening, I'm not sure what is missing. My question, for all my fellow RJr's, is what's missing? If you were going to go to a Center for Men's Health (regardless of HIV status) what would need to be there for it to be an excellent resource for you?