I had them open, in case a certain member I had been e-mailing back-and-forth wanted to IM at some point. Then of course I forgot I had them on.

So what did I get today? An IM that quickly degraded into a cyber invite. NO, I DON'T wanna view your X-rated pics & videos, so you can jerk off knowing that I'm looking at them, as he told me. icon_razz.gif

This is why I normally keep my IMs off. Guys who want the real-time experience of an IM with me can e-mail me first, and we'll arrange it. And if you start this cyber childishness I'm pulling the plug.

Oh, and one other complaint -- please read my profile first before you IM me. Questions like how old am I, and where do I live, etc, are already available in my profile. That's why I HAVE a profile, unlike some here. Take the time to look at it, and don't waste my time with unnecessary questions.

And that concludes today's rant... icon_biggrin.gif