Happy Friday! Here is a FUNNY and TRUE story!!

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    Sep 03, 2010 5:35 PM GMT
    As those of you who have seen my profile and the guys here that know me, I work in the travel industry. Those of us that work with the public on a day-to-day basis have encounted very funny situations with customers or clients.

    Here is one that I would love to share with you and happened a couple of months ago with me:

    A woman from a rural area in a southern state called me to mention how much she, her husband and 17 year old son enjoyed their recent vacation to San Francisco. I did not book the travel for this family, but am I ever glad to hear the story. This is a paraphrase on how the conversation went, and remember, the caller is from a rural southern state and had a thick southern accent:

    Traveler: "San Fransisky was so purty. Lotsa hills. Reminded us of being back home in the hills."

    Me: "That's nice. What did you do out there/"

    Traveler: "Oh we sawr ever-thing to see, but we loved all them purty rainbow colored flags we sawr ever-whur."

    (I knew I was at the point of no return and tried hard to supress a smile, so I egged her on for more...)

    Me: "Rainbow-colored flags?"

    Traveler: "Yup. So purty. Wanted to get us one to put it in front of our mo-bile home."

    (By this time, my eyes were shut as hard as they could. I was trying to suppress laughter and refrained from saying "Think nothing of it when you see the burning cross in the front yard of your "mo-bile home."

    Traveler: "And ever-body was so nice at the ho-tel we stayed at. There were two nice lookin' young men at the front desk that took a shine to my 17 year old boy."

    (By this time I was really trying to hold back the laughter as I imagined the staff at the hotel checking out the twink from the country....my eyes were tearing up. I had to get her off the phone---and fast).

    I thanked the traveler for calling and (lied a little here) told her I had a call waiting on another line. In closing, I hoped she would book her future travel with us....blah, blah, blah.

    When I hung up the phone, I broke out laughing. A couple of str8 co-workers asked me what was so funny and I told them it was something a client said and they "just would not understand." I did share the story with some of my gay co-workers and they said it was the funniest one they have heard in a long time.

    Now everyone here knows the story too. Go to San Fransisky and get one of them thar purty rainbow-colored flags!

    Any other crazy client stories to share? No names or company names, please. You don't want it to bite you later!
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    Sep 03, 2010 7:16 PM GMT
    I don't think I have anything that comes close. Thanks for giving Clay and me a laugh on our drive back to Tampa!icon_biggrin.gif
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    Sep 03, 2010 9:26 PM GMT
    My lovely neighbors, a couple in their 50's with 3 hunky sons (all straight) and a daughter have a whole bunch of these little rainbow colored pinwheel lawn decorations in their yard - think of a child's pinwheel in rainbow colors that swirl around in the wind. I complemented the mother on them and she said she bought them because she thought the were "pretty and colorful". When MY friends come over they always ask if my neighbors are gay or not. I wish those sons were gay but they're not.
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    Sep 03, 2010 9:34 PM GMT
    When the 6-color rainbow windsock my late partner & I had hanging at our townhouse entrance became tattered, we went back to the same garden store & nursery where we had gotten it. I didn't see one, so I asked a sales assistant, an older woman, if they carried them anymore.

    "Yes, but we can't keep them in stock. They're one of our most popular wind socks, and I don't know why. I guess everybody likes the bright rainbow colors."

    I guess they do... icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Sep 03, 2010 9:44 PM GMT
    turtleneckjock saidAny other crazy client stories to share? No names or company names, please. You don't want it to bite you later!

    Well, I posted this here before, but it's sorta travel industry related. Except that we were the clients:

    My new partner and I were driving up I-29 to our new home some years ago, and stopped overnight in Council Bluffs, Iowa, outside of Omaha. Our reservation was for a handicapped room, which both of us needed. All they had left was a single queen-sized bed, which was fine with us. Although I did wonder if they'd find 2 unrelated adult males sharing a queen bed a bit suspicious.

    My partner was doing the check-in, me standing alongside. The clerk checked her reservations screen, and referring to him in terms of the room we had, she said:

    "Ah, yes, here it is. You're the non-smoking, handicapped queen."

    I almost choked, and fled from the counter to around the corner hallway to laugh my guts out, leaving my poor partner to deal with her on his own. Such a coward! A few moments later I composed myself, and rejoined him.

    But then the clerk noticed my partner's wedding ring, which had 6 stones in the colors of the gay rainbow.

    "Oh, what a lovely birthstone ring you have! You have 6 children, and all born on different months!"

    I fled around the corner again, in worse shape than before. Once more, I finally gained control of myself and returned to the desk.

    "Oh!" she said, now noticing my own matching rainbow ring as I stood back at the desk, "You have 6 children, too!"

    I totally collapsed, blurting out that I was going to the car for our things, and didn't return to the desk again. She was a lovely, well-meaning lady, but as clueless as they come. Whenever I hear Council Bluffs, I remember that incident.