Citizens of RealJock (or as trolls refer to it, RealJoke),

We need to band together to fight the mounting menace of trolling on's forums. The trolls (yes, there are more than one) have made plenty of spare "sock" accounts and now seem to be coordinating their efforts.

Where they come from is unknown. The person commonly known as BELLO may be one of the perpetrators, as his main account did get banned from RealJock and was a known troll. The troll in question is using both n00bish spamming and experienced psychological techniques, such as individual callouts. However, this troll is not the only one; there are many others engaging in trolling behavior, ranging from nonsense posting to ad hominem flaming.

What I propose is that we create a task force of active forum users to fight this threat. The users on the task force would be knowledgeable of trolling-related matters and maintain consistent liaison with the RJ admin staff, as well as keeping tabs on known RealJock trolls and new forumgoers.

This task force would have a separate forum area for discussing relevant matters and appropriate responses. Though the task force would not be given governing authority regarding profile deletion, they would work in a fashion similar to a user moderation system, currently being tested by the likes of Facebook.

In this system, trusted users review reported content to ease the burden on staff, then directly send the staff what needs to get removed without requiring additional review. The users would be able to also temporarily suspend a member's posting privileges. This could be abused, but would be kept under moderation both by each other and the site admin. I think this would make it easier for RealJock to control its troll population and respond to troll attacks more effectively.