what do you all do when you're stressed?

  • tbeaux

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    Sep 07, 2010 5:22 AM GMT
    Okay. Soooo, it's only the second week of school and I am pretty much close to a nervous breakdown with stress dealing with a broken heart, already behind in school work, trying to make time for volleyball, trying to make time for my friends, trying to make time to eat, trying to make time for not thinking about my ex...like did you old timers have these stresses in college? like i feel now that college students nowadays are more stressed than back then. we are literally pushed to a breaking points for school....just for school.

    so what do you do when you're stressed.
  • commoncoll

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    Sep 07, 2010 5:33 AM GMT
    I don't think college students have more problems now. I held a job where I worked 30-33 hrs/week and held a course load of 17+ credit hours/semester. I graduated in 2008.

    You need a schedule. Make sure you stick to it. You can also make your schedule so that you have time breaks between class where you can get caught up with the homework. On T& Th I had two breaks of 1.5 hours each between classes.

    This is my schedule from my last semester at college:On T my classes would last from 8am- 3pm and I would go to work at 4. On W & Th, I had class from 8am-6pm. Those were my off days from work, and I used them to catch up. On M&F, I had classes from 9-1. I would start working at about 4. I would spend the 2.5 or so hours in the library doing my homework. During the weekdays, I would work about 9 hrs anywhere between 7am-9pm. If I worked late, I would do my studying early/meet friends, etc. If I worked early, I would study later/meet friends/do laundry/clean/cook after I came home from work.

    Do not get behind. If you have to cut down on some leisure time, do it. Remember you are not there to have fun, primarily. You are there to attain an education. If you can have fun while doing it, good for you.
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    Sep 07, 2010 11:33 AM GMT
    I also dont think students today have anymore steress than they did back in my day...I also had a full time day job (from 8 to 5) and went to fulltime night classes at a very good school (from 6 to 11.30pm) and still finished my law degree in 4 years.

    You must just get ORGANISED. and sleep less ( i only slept 5 hours a night which gave me the extra time i needed for other stuff). And no my body didnt fall appart and i didnt get sick at all for not sleeping 8 hours a day.

    Best stress relief I ever found was a good old wank (as many times as necessary) But going to the gym for a real intence 1 hours session or a fast run also helped.
  • Bunjamon

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    Sep 07, 2010 11:39 AM GMT
    I work out my stress at the gym. I use my stress to push myself harder, and as I lift I imagine the stress going away, and when I'm done I usually feel a whole lot better.

    Sounds like you could use some relaxation techniques, too.

    If your plate is so full that you can't find time to eat, you might need to reassess some of your priorities. Food should be closer to the top, as you will waste away or even die without proper nourishment. icon_neutral.gif
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    Sep 07, 2010 11:50 AM GMT
    I'm always stressed - studying up to 18 hours a day in busy times.

    I generally head to the gym and just punch the crap out of a punching bad for about 45 minutes. Completely exhaust myself and look like a fool (coz i have no idea how to box). That generally calms me down. But really any form of training works for me.

    As far as studying goes, I always have multiple assignments, reports, tests etc on the go at once and I just plan my days to the half hour with what I'm going to study. Then I get everything done as efficiently as possible and I can schedule times to go to the gym too.
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    Sep 07, 2010 11:58 AM GMT
    I hear that... I've had a few burnouts to show for it... what did I do??

    I moved back to the Caribbean icon_smile.gif
  • alphatop

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    Sep 07, 2010 12:10 PM GMT
    I moved to amazing China/Thailand...and here is the link for u

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    Sep 07, 2010 12:21 PM GMT
    I just eat when I get stressed. :s
  • LJay

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    Sep 07, 2010 1:33 PM GMT
    Simplify, prioritize, schedule.

    Eating decently, exercising and sleeping are all things that will keep you sceduled and centered. Maybe throw a litlle quiet time/meditation into the mix. And don't be too serious. Laughing is a good meditation exercise.

    The main thing you are there for is the education. Try taking some of the other stuff off of the plate if it gets in the way.

    School is just a stress thing. I think that part of being there is to teach you how to deal with stress and workload.
  • Hunter9

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    Sep 07, 2010 2:33 PM GMT
    try meth.... all your problems; gone


    it's definitely about prioritizing. if your mental health is suffering, you need to scrap (or cut back) whatever is lowest on your list.
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    Sep 07, 2010 2:34 PM GMT
    Are you doing too much than necessary? Can you pick up Volleyball at another time or organize to meet up with all your friends at once? Are you focusing too much on the negative?

    Breaking out of the same routine will help you clarify paths that eliminate the build up of tension but keep working out, eating well, eating consistently and getting regular sleep (same time to bed and to wake up). With the heartache, avoid going to places that remind you of him.
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    Sep 07, 2010 2:37 PM GMT
    I break out in pimples!

    Oh, wait, I'm guessing that's not what you meant. I run - I always have really good runs when I'm stressed. I also hit the gym and work out my frustrations on the equipment (anger is good motivation).
  • rnch

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    Sep 07, 2010 2:39 PM GMT
    tbakes18 said...so what do you do when you're stressed.
    Bluebell.Home.made.vanilla.ice.cream. icon_wink.gif
  • mizu5

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    Sep 07, 2010 3:14 PM GMT
    I dance, or stretch. When it gets to be too much, I drop everything and go for a walk, or even go out with a friend or two for a beer. Of course, that is if you can make that time up, not if you are stressed for an exam in 3 days ahaha.
  • CuriousJockAZ

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    Sep 07, 2010 3:34 PM GMT
    I love to play raquetball. Something about smashing a little ball against a wall is stress relieving to me

    When that doesn't work, there's always "Retail Therapy". icon_lol.gif
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    Sep 07, 2010 5:01 PM GMT
    Kill the first person I see. It tends to help but in the end I just stress over the body and gotta do it again. Running out of hiding spots too ;)

    But no, I have 88 acres in northern michigan I get up to. No one around for a good two or three miles. 100% private. Just me and the woods and some good friends.
  • EricLA

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    Sep 07, 2010 5:10 PM GMT
    Breathe. College is overwhelming. But you have to set priorities. And worry less about the long-term and initially focus on the short-term. Take a step back and make a to-do list/schedule of milestones you have to reach. When papers are due, dates of tests like midterms, etc. Then break things into manageable bites from there. It's not easy climbing Mount Everest. But you start with a plan and then putting one foot in front of the other. Focus on what's in front of you, not the peak 1000s of feet above you.
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    Sep 07, 2010 5:16 PM GMT
    I used to lose myself in fiction books and movies briefly....Gave me a temporary breather from my stress
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    Sep 07, 2010 5:19 PM GMT
    try to get as far away from the stressful sit. as possible. go do something i love, I usually hop on my harley and go clear my mind. a lot of times, just talkiing with a good friend helps me unload and put the problem into perspective......keithicon_cool.gif
  • mke_bt

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    Sep 07, 2010 6:10 PM GMT

    I used to eat. Lots.
    Now I go for a swim and chase that elusive endorphine release.
    The first time it happened, I imagined that that was how heroin felt.
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    Sep 07, 2010 6:29 PM GMT
    I go for my gym work out. By the time I'm finished with it and the 45 minutes of cardio I've nearly forgotten that I was particularly stressed out.
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    Sep 07, 2010 6:30 PM GMT
    What Buddy said. There's hardly anything a good workout won't cure, IMHO.
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    Sep 07, 2010 6:31 PM GMT
  • jmanorlando

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    Sep 07, 2010 8:49 PM GMT
    First thing address priorities
    1. School
    2. Exercise & Health
    3 then other stuff

    The biggest thing in college is learning to say no.
    No - to wasting time
    No - start drinking at 5, 7 or 10 pm

    I like the schedule idea as it will help you focus and put your school and needs first.

    As for dealing with the heartbreak - it takes time, it will be painful, however you can just sit around and think of what might have been or move forward making your new path.

    Good luck with everything

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    Sep 07, 2010 9:17 PM GMT
    If you turn "stressed" around, you get "desserts!"

    I'm just sayin'.