Help, I'm stuck!

  • Craigsjourney

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    Sep 07, 2010 4:23 PM GMT
    Okay guys, not sure what I am doing wrong....Had to take a couple of months off from the gym because of family stuff and of course ate a bunch and gained 15 pounds. Now I am trying desperately to lose those but after 2 weeks, I can't seem to shed any weight at all

    I do an hour of cardio right when I get up in the morning before breakfast and then lift for about 45 minutes late afternoon. I have oatmeal for breakfast around 10:00, tuna and bean salad around 12:30, something light around 2:00, and then dinner (usually chicken or ground turkey). I also have a protein shake after each workout.

    Why am I not losing anything? This is incredibly frustrating. I used to be able to lose around 2 pounds a week but now, nothing...

    Thanks for any insight you have-

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    Sep 08, 2010 10:33 PM GMT
    Hey Craig,

    It sounds like you're doing everything right, but I found that when I was drinking protein drinks a lot, I gained weight, but not in the right places. So I cut back a little on the protein drinks and continued the workout as usual.

    You also may want to go slower and longer on the cardio, or at least to interval training. Your body may be going into lock down if you're trying too hard.

    Good luck,

  • Craigsjourney

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    Sep 09, 2010 4:07 AM GMT
    Thanks! This is definitely a new problem for me...
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    Sep 09, 2010 4:16 AM GMT

    i agree with freddo up there.

    i'd cut the protein drinks out all together just until you lose the weight you're trying to lose. your diet seems like a really good one, so nothing i would really suggest changing there.

    i like to do my cardio at the end of the night. even though "they" say that it's better in the morning to set your metabolism off to a good start, i've had better luck doing it at night. (and it keeps me from late night eating which is a weight-loss killer)

    that's really all i have for you. hope i helped a little bit and good luck!
  • MuscleComeBac...

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    Sep 09, 2010 4:48 AM GMT
    Frankly, I suspect you're actually overdosing protein if you're having a protein shake after both workouts. I wouldn't cut them out all together, because you need to be synthesizing protein in order to prevent you body from going catabolic and retaining fat as a defensive response.

    So, provided you're lifting in the p.m. is heavy (with increases in resistance/weight and varying between muscular endurance and power) and not just the same-old-same-old circuit where you're not going up in weight as well as reps (body adapts faster than you think...gotta' keep it challenged!) If so, then your p.m. post-workout protein is the best choice of the two timings. But still get a little protein in you after your a.m. cardio - a handfull of almonds before you get home to that oatmeal and fruit for breakfast should cover it.

    How are you carbs timed? Are you having any carbs after 5 p.m.? And what's your water intake? A gallon a day is required to help flush fat and toxins from your system and aid in absorbing nutrients in your foods and supplements. If you're not sweating, you're not hydrated, so take note.

    Consider calculating your BMR and cutting that caloric intake by 10 percent. This should jump start you toward leaning out properly. Keep your diet ratio 40% complex carbs, 40% lean protein, 20% unsaturated fats. And finally, if you're drinking ANY carbonated drinks - zero calories or otherwise - cut them out NOW. They interfere in absorption of nutrients and they defeat chelation of vitamins and minerals. Sodas - regardless of sugar content - are your enemy.