Documentary: 9500 Liberty

How the Lesssons of "9500 Liberty" Led to the Coffee Party

If I hadn't documented the mechanics of how the extremists took over the local government in Prince William County, VA, I wouldn't have started the Coffee Party. The truth is, we are all vulnerable to extremists taking over our governments -- all levels. That is a loophole in our democratic process. The way to close this loophole is this: 1) Get Information out 2) Build a sense of community by creating a place where people can meet -- both face-to-face and online 3) Show up and participate. In short: Information, Community, Participation.

“9500 Liberty’’ is not just about the clash of immigrant Hispanics and white nativists, but about what happens when a community’s civic machinery is hijacked by ideologues and extremists — and what exactly it takes for the silent center to push back."
"A cynic might observe that the latter got involved only when they saw their property values start to decline. An optimist would take heart in the palpable outrage of citizens — trembling this time with indignation — who have remembered almost too late that scoundrels are emboldened by silence. 9500 Liberty is both an inspiration and a warning."

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