Annoying friend, why do I bother?

  • JimJim

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    Sep 11, 2010 2:41 AM GMT
    I have this friend who doesn't do anything mean or incredibly annoying but is just irritating and I don't know really why I put up with it. This is just a small rant so bear with me.

    So tonight he texts me and I'm like what's up, he's like not much, casual conversation. I ask him if he wants to hang out soon before I leave to go to school next week. He first says that he's been trying to set something up for a while although this was the first night in a long time I've heard from him and the other times it was me who first suggested we hang out but it didn't work out usually because he can't cooperate...

    Anyway, so I ask him when he's free and he says he's really busy and only has a bit of free time so he needs to know when I'm free so he can see if he can make it to hang out that time. I tell him I'm pretty much free whenever because I'm not doing much before I go back to school. I tell him since he's so busy this week(end) to just let me know when he has free time and I'll just come meet him then. I feel like to any normal person this would make perfect sense. Instead he's like no I'm so busy I need to know when you're free. I tell him again I'm literally free ALL weekend and have no plans. It's really up to him since he's that busy. Again I tell him BECAUSE he's so busy it's up to HIM to tell ME when he's free since it doesn't matter if I'm free during a time he can't make it. He tells me I'm being difficult. I tell him he's not making any sense and he's being difficult. He then tells me to just text him later when I can "make up my mind." I told him no because he's being really annoying and that if he want's to talk to me he knows how to reach me.

    This is like a very regular occurrence between us. Again, I know this is something small but it can be incredibly irritating and I just sort of feel like dumping him as a friend because literally all our conversations end with him not making sense and him thinking I'm the one who's being difficult.

    ugh...rant over
  • Moonraker0022

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    Sep 11, 2010 7:23 AM GMT
    ya that's when just calling cuts out the wierdness of text... sometimes i feel like i'm the annoying friend... I don't know textique. Like if you send two text in a row to the same persoon without a reply is that bad? Should I always be the one who texts people "whats going on tonight?" cuz sometimes i feel like if i don't then Ill get left out and stay at home all weekend...

    But anyway, its probably most likely, and hopefully a miscommunication. I alway try to call, cuz its fast, and more effiecnt then txting sometimes.