It's part of our Boston trip in 6 days, Sept 20-30, mentioned elsewhere in this Travel forum, and we were told yesterday that we will be able to use a family house on the Cape all to ourselves as we hoped, just outside of Provincetown. I'm guessing we'll stay there a couple of nights, but the dates are flexible, since this is not a hotel reservation, mostly depending on what the weather does. Cape Cod when it's cold, rainy & foggy is no fun.

We'll also have the use of one of my partner's brother's cars the entire 10 days up there, a Lincoln, just the thing for 2 old guys to ease themselves around New England. On Sunday we also firmed up our plans with a gay couple here, who'll be flying up to close their summer home in New Hampshire the weekend we're there, so we'll be spending 2 days and a night with them. We hope some color will have started by then, but with this crazy weather we don't know. And maybe from there we'll shoot over to Vermont, where my own family had a summer home when I was a kid.

Then just this morning I saw an online article about Cape Cod on MSNBC, that I printed out. It talks about bike trails, and recommended restaurants, and how September is a wonderful time to visit there, outside the crowded tourist season, but the weather still agreeable. Bike rentals for a day could be fun, and it wouldn't be the first time I've biked on the Cape, though some decades ago now.

So this trip just gets better & better! It began as one of my birthday gifts to my partner, who was raised near Boston and has family there he wanted to see. But I have no scruples about devising a gift that I get to enjoy, too. icon_wink.gif

So if any RJers are on the Cape (and I've already e-mailed with some around Boston we may get to meet) please speak up. We'll have the notebook with us and my iPhone, so I'll be posting our itinerary here as it develops, and checking my RJ e-mail.