Hypothetical Travel Questions

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    Sep 16, 2010 9:52 PM GMT
    I was talking to some friends about travel and we got on to the topic of traveling with friends or boyfriends and the upcoming trip a friend is going to take with his boyfriend.

    How would you act in the following situations?

    First a little background. I travel a lot for work and I have accumulated air miles and status on one airline. I am not afraid flying but I do find it to be very unpleasant at times. Anything that makes flying easier (like upgrades) is hugely important to me.

    I like to visit other places, its just the getting there that is the tough part.

    Situation A.
    You are planning a trip involving a long flight with your boyfriend and you have agreed to split the costs. You have frequent flyer miles on Airline A and you can travel for next to nothing but your boyfriend has found a ticket on Airline B that is cheaper than the same ticket for the flight you would be taking on Airline A. The flights reach the same airport within two hours of each other

    Do you travel separately (you on Airline A and him on Airline B)?

    Some of my friends have said they would go on Airline B with the bf. My answer was to travel separately. I don't think you are missing out by not traveling on the same plane.

    Situation B.
    You and the boyfriend are booked on the same airline for a >10 hour overseas flight and you have used some of the upgrades you have accumulated to request an upgrade from economy to business for you and your boyfriend. Due to your preferred frequentl flyer status the upgrade goes through for you and not your boyfriend. Do you take the upgrade and sit in business class while your bf sits in coach?

    Some guys have said yes they would take the upgrade and others have said no. My answer was to give the upgrade to the bf (switch tickets on the jetbridge) but if the upgrade came through on the return flight then take the upgrade myself.

    My thought was that there is no reason for us to both be uncomfortable in coach. We have the whole trip to be together so sitting separately on the airplane is no big deal.

    Situation C.
    For a work reason, you are visiting a great international destination (London, Paris, etc) which involves staying over a weekend (i.e. Thursday - the following Friday). You are also traveling with some colleagues from work. Your boyfriend wants to take some time off and go with you and go sight seeing together on the weekend and by himself while you are working. Do you go along with the plan?

    My answer was a qualified yes. Some company's prohibit stuff like this or strongly look down on it. My company has no clear policy. Its one thing to extend your stay in the other city and be joined by your boyfriend after you finish your project versus having him along while you are there for work.

    The preface to my answer is that yes, I am out at work. However, I would say its ok to have my bf come along, but he needs to lay low (not hide) while I am working. When I travel I tend to work long days followed by group dinners for debriefing and strategy sessions. It would not be a good thing if I cut things short to join my bf for dinner or an evening of sightseeing. He would need to assume that I don't have any planned free time until the weekend (if then) and the priority is work. While he may be on vacation, I am still working.

    I am much more in favor of extending a trip and taking some true vacation time at the end.

    What would you guys do in these situations?
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    Sep 17, 2010 3:07 AM GMT
    Situation A - Fly A if you help him with the difference (50% or more) and he can afford it. Otherwise both fly B.

    Situation B - You answer is spot on. Another option is flipping a coin and if you get an upgrade on the return the looser win on the return.

    Situation C - bf/spouses can't interfere with business meetings including after hours meeting. Other than that it's all good.

    Same goes if your traveling companion was just a friend.
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    Sep 17, 2010 3:07 AM GMT
    Situation A - No problem traveling separately. Air travel these days is such a hassle, that no reason why either of you should be penalized financially. Each should take the flight that is the best deal.

    Situation B - In this case, if you were both seated together in coach, I would ride together. Even though it is a small part of the trip timewise, it shows you really find being with your bf preferable to a few hours of more comforts. If you were not together in coach, then it that case I would take the upgrade.

    Situation C - I would say fine for your bf to come with you for any or all times. Just as long as he understands you will be working and may even need to be with your colleagues during meals and maybe even in the evening. As long as he is ok with that, then fine.

    On a couple of occasions I had enough miles for two separate trips, one to Italy another to France, both trips for myself and 3 others. I was traveling from Calif, they were all traveling from the NY area. (Wasn't I a nice guy?) Anyway, on one trip to use miles, I went alone and met them in Paris at the hotel 6 hours later, of the three of them, 2 got direct flights and 1 went through Chicago. Bottom line - it all works out.
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    Sep 17, 2010 3:16 AM GMT
    OMG - Who cares.
  • GQjock

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    Sep 17, 2010 10:13 AM GMT
    Situation A -
    It's a Plane ride You need to be together so you both can grimace about the uncomfortable seats to each other?

    Situation B -
    If I'm sitting in Coach and he's in Business or First Class?
    He be findin' himself a new Boyfriend then .... get it? icon_confused.gif

    Situation C -
    I'd leave it up to him
    If he wants to hang around the city while I was at work alone that's fine
    But I'd try to take some extra time after as well
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    Sep 17, 2010 10:55 AM GMT
    I'm not that squeamish about the discomforts of flying. I'd gladly give him the upgrade or take turns. I prefer to watch movies, read or do crossword puzzles during the flight anyway.

    Under normal circumstances, I would prefer to be on the same flights as my husband or friends. That way, if the plane goes down over the Atlantic in flames, we can all share the experience. I wouldn't want one of them to have their vacation ruined from mourning our loss.

    Traveling with a partner who is working can be very tricky. I'm very independent on the road, so I'd say we basically just share a hotel room. If I'm in a new city exploring, I don't want to tie myself down with arrangements like "let's meet for dinner at 8pm at the hotel". I'd be pissed off if I cut my museum visit short or skipped a show only to find out that he couldn't join me because "something came up for work". I'd rather just say, "you do your thing and I'll do mine. I'll see you tonight sometime."