Gory Halloween Props

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    Sep 17, 2010 1:27 AM GMT
    Gory Halloween Props

    I have been surfing a few Halloween prop sites and...gesh...some of that stuff is really expensive....going up to many thousands of dollars.

    I have been looking for something gory to put in my tree...I was thinking that it would be cool if I could get a bloody head and put it in a see through bag with a speaker/sound that has sounds of flies flying and screams from his head. It would be even better if I could get it to slowly drip fake blood.

    I have not found anything like that yet though.

    How are you doing for Halloween props?
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    Sep 17, 2010 1:44 AM GMT
    You can cheap things out and still make them disgusting.

    Plastic wrap mannequin or fake skeleton head.

    Put it in a bigger plastic see-through bag, or plastic.

    Thin strawberry sauce mixed with a little chocolate syrup to thicken and then place with right consistency.

    Or, the more expensive route...
    Use Blood Gel and just rub it stickily around the head. It will harden and look real. Guaranteed. icon_smile.gif
  • metta

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    Sep 17, 2010 7:25 AM GMT
    Thanks...I found something pretty close...it just does not have the dripping blood