An employment question

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    Sep 17, 2010 4:23 PM GMT
    These questions are primarily directed to the guys who are currently unemployed.

    I have been receiving some calls from recruiters in my field and things seem to be picking up. Before the recession started I would get one or two calls per month from recruiters. During the recession, it would be months between calls from recruiters. In the last three months things are picking up but still not to where they used to be. Probably three calls in the last five months.

    When the opportunity does not interest me, I pass it along to some former colleagues or other people I know in my industry who are unemployed. Sometimes when I describe the person to the recruiter I get the distinct impression that they would rather work/represent candidates who are currently employed.

    Do you think there is a bias, even in this economy, against unemployed workers? Is it easier to get a job when you have a job?

    For the record, I don't think being out of work in this economy is indicative of job performance.

    I also think that the recruiters probably feel that they have better negotiating leverage when they are representing an employed person. Although it may be easier to fill a job with an unemployed person, it is harder to argue for a higher salary and if the recruiters comp is based on the employees salary they want as much help arguing for the higher salary as possible.

    The second thing I have noticed is that some postions listed on job sites, company web sites or are generally know within my industry to be open (news from recruiters etc) seem to go unfilled for a long time.

    Do you think that companies are taking longer to fill positions or have what seem to be open spots but in reality are not. Do you think that companies are being overly picky and holding out for an ideal candidate?

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    Sep 17, 2010 4:42 PM GMT
    There was actually an article on this a few months back. Employers are currently in a position to be as picky as they want to be right now, thats why you have people trying to recruit you from YOUR job because in their mind you must be doing something right to have not been laid off. People in my age group with just getting out of college or in general light experience wise (when compared to older people) are getting shafted hard because companies don't want to hire new people or people who require training. I got really sick a few years ago (when I was 19) and haven't been able to get a job yet, my ability to stay competitive is just getting smaller and smaller.

    Also, corporations are hiring unpaid interns to fill a lot of their roles.