I wanna shag you vs I wanna size you up?

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    Sep 18, 2010 7:06 AM GMT
    These RJ forums are where so many people post for input on the mundane to the sensational. I'm seeking input on how to know when a guy is looking at you (particularly in the gym) in that "sizing you up" vs "attracted to you" way. I'm sure you gym goers have had similar experiences where you're left wondering what is that guy's deal?

    Here is some background: I don't work out at a gay gym, or a gym that doubles as a well-known cruising spot (it is a university gym) and I don't initiate the eyeball flirting or sizing up.

    What's your trick for telling the two types of curiousity apart?
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    Sep 18, 2010 2:31 PM GMT
    Honestly in my experience and im in the army and it has happened to me on and off post.

    Heres what I've seen:

    If the guy is giving you the eye but is simply giving you a glance over then he may just be sizing you up. especially if you are doing the same exercise or he is doing something that would require a greater amount of strength. If you are doing an exercise that requires a greater amount of strength then it is possible that he is sizing you up as well. Now if he is obviously "eye fucking" you then you already know whats up. Most men have that alpha male complex where they simply are sizing you up. But dont get it twisted. I was in the gym one time and i was working on abs and a guy next to me was doing the same thing. But he gave me more than one glance over and did the "crotch grab". One grab is simply readjusting or scratching. More than once is trying to get your attention. If he locks eyes with you then hes definitely trying to get your attention. but he locks and then looks away, he may have noticed that you caught him. He may not come up and speak but he knows he was caught. All this translates in the locker room as well. but then thats another story. hope this helps.
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    Sep 18, 2010 2:47 PM GMT
    "Sizing you up" is just a homophobe's way of letting you know he's interested but afraid to come out of the closet.