So lately i switched to a different kind of weight training. I am now doing high intensity sets similar in format to what bodybuilder Dorian Yates did. It includes training all bodyparts except abs once a week, with few sets. Instead of doing 4 or 5 sets per exercise and trying to get a pump going, i do warm up sets to get the blood flowing then really blitz the muscles i am targeting in one main set going for 8 reps and then doing partial reps to burn the muscle out. Then I am done. This type of training feels much different than the long 2 hour workouts (including cardio) that i am used to. The muscles it seems to me feel more shocked than tired after a training session. Plus it is nice to come out of the gym feeling i have something left over in the tank in terms of energy for a change. The bottom line for me is results. Does anyone here follow a similar approach?

Because i know people here are interested in split arrangements i will detail my current one.
Day 1: delts, traps, triceps, abs
Day 2: upper back, lower back, abs
Day 4: rear delts, chest, biceps, abs
Day 6: legs, calves, abs