advice for my workout (pretty please)

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    Sep 24, 2010 9:47 PM GMT
    Hello real jocks,

    Kind of new to the online fitness community, and I never had any personal training/ friends that much into working out... So, my routine is basically based off of info collected over the internet and personal experience (meaning, there's probably a LOT to correct icon_razz.gif)

    If any of you could give me some critique/advice/whatever... i'd HUGELY appreciate it... sorry for the weird names for exercises, i don't know the exact technical terms for a lot of these...

    i'm 175cm/ 5'9, 70kg/155lbs. Something like 11 or 12% bodyfat, last time i checked. Looking to bulk up at this point.

    workout -- for all exercises, i basically do 6-8 reps with the highest weight i can handle with good form...


    warmup - 45 normal pushups, 15 super slow/paused pushups, 20 plyometric pushups, normal pushups to failure

    CHEST 1) 4 sets of pec dec fly (machine)
    TRICEPS 1) 4 sets of triceps cable pulldown
    SHOULDERS 1) 4 sets of shoulder press with dumbells

    CHEST 2) 3 sets barbell benchpress
    CHEST 3) 3 sets dumbell incline press
    TRICEPS 2) 4 sets of skull crushers
    SHOULDERS 2) 4 sets of lateral raise

    CHEST 4) 3 sets of cable fly (with handles at highest notch)
    CHEST 5) 3 sets of cable fly (with handles at lowest notch)
    TRICEPS 3) 4 sets cable pulldown
    SHOULDERS 3) 4 sets shoulder press


    warmup - pullups or chinups to failure, two sets

    BACK 1) 4 sets lat pull-down
    BICEPS 1) 3 sets barbell curl on cable machine
    BICEPS 2) 3 sets alternating dumbell curl, standing

    BACK 2) 4 sets seated row
    BICEPS 3) 3 sets preacher curl, hands facing in
    BICEPS 4) 3 sets one-handed curls on cable machine

    BACK 3) 4 sets lat pull-down or seated row (whatever's available icon_razz.gif)
    BICEPS 5) 4 sets preacher curl, hands facing out


    i really hate cardio... so i just do a 15 min. HIIT cycling session which definitely kicks my ass..

    DAY 4: REST

    then, i basically just go back to day 1 and keep repeating.

    damn, writing all that out makes me realize how excessive my routine is. or, is it? what do you guys think? i just stopped feeling challenged when doing only 3 sets of certain muscle groups, which is why i started doubling up... probably not very efficient though...

    if you're wondering where the legs are in all this... i don't work out my legs at the gym because my legs get HUUUGE at the slightest bit of physical effort. since i bike to work everyday, it's already plenty...

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    Sep 24, 2010 9:59 PM GMT
    legs. Sorry, donĀ“t care if you cycle everywhere. You need to do legs, maybe not as much as others, maybe not even all the muscle groups that much... but you need to do legs.

    Looks like you are doing too much too......

    Others will say more useful things. What are your goals and how many times a week do you want to train?

    btw hoi icon_smile.gif
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    Sep 24, 2010 10:52 PM GMT
    Can you explain your reasoning behind this routine?

    Day one looks massive and if you are doing this is order why are you doing the pushups like you are? Your prefatiging your muscles before the big workout and why a machine for the press? Why not stick with a barbel increase the weights and reps and really work the muscles?

    Decrease how many exercises and increase the intensity of your workout.

    Stick with your basic compound lifts to begin with and then put in the isolation work.

    Compound lifts are like your main meal, everyone has it everyone eats it.

    Isolation lifts are like the sides you have them with the main meal but they aren't the main meal it's self.
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    Sep 24, 2010 11:56 PM GMT
    Check out:
  • benarw

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    Sep 25, 2010 2:15 AM GMT
    My two comments are; firstly, you should never go to failure on a warmup. that defeats the purpose of warming up. If you go to failure on your warmup sets you're more likely to injure yourself, and/or not be able to lift as much on your work sets, which seems to defeat the purpose. Warming up is just that; preparing your body, getting the blood flowing, getting your muscles ready for what's to come.
    Second, you need to do Legs! Doing cardio (biking, running, etc) does not count as a leg day. Especially if you're trying to bulk up legs are essential.

    I recommend checking out the workout at, and on here. I hope that helps.
  • Kortaliano

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    Sep 25, 2010 5:45 AM GMT
    i agree with lilTanker... machines are NOT your friends when you are building. a lot of times you're using one side more than the other. because it is a machine, it doesn't regulate which side is lifting more than the other... i like dumbells just for that reason... you HAVE to use your muscles separately and it builds symmetry...

    he's right about compound lifts as well...

    try adding supersets...

    listen to what everyone else says too... do your legs... it's unattractive when a guy is all built, but has some scrawny-ass chicken legs...

    eating is a big part of building as well... make sure you're feeding those muscles what they need.

    QUIT GOING TO FAILURE ON YOUR WARMUPS! your warmups should be just that... warming up! if you feel the need to go to failure, do it AFTER you lift.
  • barriehomeboy

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    Sep 25, 2010 7:01 AM GMT
    One session with a personal trainer is not expensive, and would give you answers you need from a trained professional who has expertise that none of the assholes on here wo....oops..people online in a gay chat site at 3 in the morning would be able to offer without watching you in the gym.
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    Sep 25, 2010 7:50 AM GMT
    and to complicate matters further...

    there is also the issue of form in movement to consider. it isn't enough to have a listing of various exercises with set weights and reps listed. if you are doing these movements incorrectly, you may be adding more problems to yourself in the long run. this is why having a competent personal trainer in the beginning stages is so important.

    people have their bodies their entire lives, but very few people know what it is like to actually "experience" their body. proprioception is an under-appreciated factor in lifting. i see this almost all the time in the gym. your body is not merely a means to an end, it is the end. it is the reflection and extension of your mind. descartes was wrong.

    okay. i think i've had a few too many pints this evening (thank you stone brewery, and your lovely imperial russian stouts). i'm spiraling off into my own private idaho. to sum it up:

    1. what are your goals for your body? don't be vague. give specifics and visualize how you want your body to look. you can't get to where you want to be if you don't know where you're going.

    2. do NOT neglect your legs. from what you have written, you consider them one undifferentiated area. so NOT true. they are more complex than you think, and more important than you currently realize.

    3. there is also the concept of adaption and plateaus. this will fuck up your world if you aren't prepared for them.

    okay. i think it's time for starcraft 2 now. if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. peace out, boy scout.

    (hi jay! icon_biggrin.gif )

  • AvadaKedavra

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    Sep 25, 2010 8:52 AM GMT
    to summarize what everyone said: "Whoa, what a mess!"
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    Sep 27, 2010 12:33 AM GMT
    I think you are doing waaaaaaay too much on day 1....3 different body parts?

    you dont have to work bodyparts out 2x a week

    Id say split your routine like this

    day1: chest
    day2: back/bis
    day3: off
    day 4: shoulders/tris
    day5: legs
    day 6: off