How TIME is brainwashing us to vote for the Democrats

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    Sep 25, 2010 10:33 PM GMT
    So I receive my copy of TIME, and read that Joe Klein has diagnosed the Democrats with a chronic illness involving the use of compound sentences. Then he quotes how a Republican candidate uses simple sentences to state false facts to trump his opponent.OK, that's true, at least for the current brand of Democrats who are trying to appeal to the brain instead of the emotions. So far so good--I don't want to be a simpleton.

    Then there's Mark Halperin's take who says that Clinton implied that Palin has been "successful despite--or maybe because of--the fact that she is thriving in a period in politics that's sort of fact-free." OK, that goes without saying...

    Then one big blurb about how Switzerland is finally losing its secret accounts because tax evaders are bringing those millions to other more secret places on Earth to avoid taxes. Good for the IRS cracking down on those rich people.

    Then later on, I read about athletic wrist bands which have nothing but placebo effects on sports performance, and how 15%-30% of the population have something called "high range hypnotic susceptibility, which makes them inclined to look for outside answers...and be vulnerable to those giving them simple answers to what they're striving for." OK, I don't want to be one of those simple people fooled by a piece of metal or empty words like Pledge to America.

    Then the same percent (15) is the title of Poniewozik's column, the 15% Solution. He reminds us that the fact that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have to protest for sanity is, well, insane. The 15% most vocal part of the country (not necessarily the most insane part) is grabbing the headlines and the silent majority has to become the "Busy Majority." He didn't mention the Coffee Party but he might as well have.

    So how can one not vote for the Democrats: we've been flattered, warned, and all but hypnotized (by eerily similar numbers)!icon_eek.gif
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    Sep 25, 2010 10:56 PM GMT
    I forgot to mention that I omitted the fairly balanced article on the upcoming Supreme Court case about Albert Snyder (of York, PA) and his right for privacy vs. the Westboro Baptist Church when they disrupted the funeral of his son, Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder, who was not gay. Subconsciously, I feel any time my town is in the news, it's either historical or not very good news, so I just skimmed that article. But presenting a grieving father vs. the loony far right, well, that's just underhanded tactics.