How many guys would be close enough and interested in meeting up at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte? A month from now?

I also thought 'Scare-o-Winds' would be fun, but here's why I think the Whitewater Center would be a good pick:

- Range of activities. It's cooling down pretty quick, so if we were to go on a day a month from now there might be less to do on the water, but there's still rock wall climbing, zip lines, and beer.

- Flexible budgeting. It's five bucks to park. After that, you pay for what activities you want to do. Check the website for rates and all, but you can have a great time there and barely spend anything.

- Not crowded. Since school's back in, the lines are shorter.

- Eye candy. Seriously, amazing eye candy.

- Dog friendly. Doesn't cost you anything to bring your furry buddy, so they get to see other dogs, swim in the river, and get worn out. My dog sleeps for about a day and a half after we go.

RJ member density is a little lower in Charlotte than some other cities, so those of us around here don't see as much of each other in real life and I think it'd be fun. Could just be me.

And, just in case it's what some guys might be concerned about, I'm not calling for a pride day. I'm not knocking that, but there's already a Charlotte Pride and it's next week.

What do you think, fellas?

Seriously, unbelievably hot eye candy.