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    Sep 26, 2010 5:25 PM GMT

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    Sep 26, 2010 6:14 PM GMT
    Fantastic city.
    Easy to navigate by metro, bus, taxi or walking.
    You can find many inexpensive clean bed and breakfast places throught the city......not only near the RAMBLA,,,,do a search on the internet.

    The food is can eat at tapas style bars and informal places cheaply.

    Don't know if it will be warm enough for nearby beach Stiges..(besides it's very gay).

    People there ( as in most of Europe) know how to party well into the morning.......and with a lot of style, energy and class.

    There are many gardens and parks.........naturally you must see the work of Gaudi and others like him. Walking tours are easy.

    Try to score some tickets to the classical performance houses....opera, plays and other types of music. Or sit in a busy public square and enjoy the impromptu guitar playing and singing by informal groups and friends.

    Have fun!

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    Sep 26, 2010 6:19 PM GMT
    It's a great city. Lot's of Brits go there, so you don't have to worry too much about having to speak Catalan or Spanish. The food is great, recommend the tapas bars. There are tour buses of the city that you can hop on and off, they are pretty cheap and you get to see the whole city. Maybe your sons would like to see a football match? Barcelona are one of the best teams in Europe.
    Have fun!
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    Sep 26, 2010 6:41 PM GMT
    It should still be quite warm. I think the temperature there today was about 28C (about 82F), and it should be in the 70s when you are there. Barcelona is a magical city, though one of the more expensive in Europe.
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    Sep 26, 2010 7:38 PM GMT
    Thanks for the tips.

    Foer generously took time to give me some more pointers:

    (I add some links to google images, use google maps to find them on a map!):

    - Sagrada Familia:

    - Modernist route or at least don't miss the walk from Diagonal until Las Ramblas, there you will see among others:

    * Casa Batllo (you can go inside):

    * Pedrera (the same):

    - Walk by the Ramblas:

    (don't miss the Boqueria Market in the middle of Las Ramblas!)

    - Gothic Quarter

    Don't miss: Plaça del Rei, Plaça Reial, Plaça St. Jaume, visit also the the Cathedral (in front of it and on Sundays morning people dance the typical dance of Catalonia: La Sardana)

    * Sta Caterina Market which is very close and has a fascinating ceiling made of ceramics.

    * Santa Maria del Mar,

    * Also, in that area you have the Palau de la Musica (try to get in, it's beautiful)

    - España Square and Montjuic mountain, don't miss:
    * After the sunset, on Friday, Saturday or Monday, the Magic Fountain (really beautiful, don't miss it!)

    * Telecommunications tower by Calatrava (close to Olympic stadium)

    * Palau Nacional Museum

    * Caixa Forum Museum (antique textile factory)

    Walk by the urban beaches starting at Barceloneta (formerly fishermen quarter.

    Other Museums:

    C- Museu Maritim (largest civil gothic building in Europe)

    From this museum you have a very nice walk by the Passeig de Colon until the Barceloneta quarter.

    D- Museu Picasso

    E- Cosmo Caixa (Science museum)

    But there are sooo many (Museu d'historia de la ciutat, Palau de la virreina, Palau Robert...)

    Parcs that are very nice:

    - Parc del laberint:'horta+barcelona&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

    - Parc Güell:

    - Parc de la ciutadella and from there visit Arc del Triomf, the antique market of El Born, Estacio de França...

    A curiosity is that in the Arc del Triomf place, it should have been constructed the Eiffel Tower but they decided that it was against the aesthetics of the city (!!) :-)

    The city offers many things but, You might want to plan an excursion to Montserrat (the mountain has a very characteristic shape, it used to be below the sea level):

    OK, I have probably missed many things... well I hope not... In any case, enjoy the city and have a great time!

    Castellers" party ...could be interested in watching this piece of Catalan culture :-)

    Here you can watch what the "Castellers" are:

    On 2nd October at 18:00h in the square "Plaça Consell de la Vila" smaller groups than today (but yet good ones!) are making Castells as well:


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    Sep 26, 2010 7:43 PM GMT
    Actually I thought it was one of the cheaper ones I visited. You should go to a visitor center if you like museums and get a pass for I believe it was 5 of the main ones. One price and you don't have to wait in any lines when you get there. Also be sure to take the double decker tour bus. It was about 20 Euro for the long route and you get to see and get off at a lot of interesting stuff.

    KissingPro isn't kidding about the partying. If you want to you can stay out until 7 am clubbing, but since you are going with your teenage sons I don't know if that is part of the plan. If going out is the Exeimple (probably spelled wrong) is the main gay district. It wasn't real trashy like some of the other ones in Europe. The beach area is really nice too for laying out. Also they are immensely proud of hosting the olympics back in the 90's b/c it did so much for the city, so that is a good stop too.

    Also BIG word of warning. All the advisories of pickpockets are true. One guy in my group got hit twice. Fortunately they weren't that good and we were able to stop them. If you have a backpack put some locks on the zippers and keep everything in your front pockets. Other than that aspect it's a great city hope you all have a great trip.
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    Sep 26, 2010 8:22 PM GMT
    It's hard to know where to start with Barcelona. Even with five days you'll only be scratching the surface.

    But here's my list, in order of what impressed me most:

    Parc Guell - it's what municipal art should be.
    Casa Batllo - I stayed near here and seeing it as you come out of the subway is always inspiring.
    La Boqueria - I'm a foodie, and this is almost foodie heaven.
    La Sagrada Familia - Words don't even begin to explain it.
    La Barceloneta - the beachfront. It's gorgeous.
    The harbor - I just have a maritime fetish.
    The Picasso Museum - and the Plaza del Born area in general. Underappreciated in my opinion.
    FC Barcelona - go see a soccer game. It was a memorable experience.
    Parc Montjuic

    As for Las Ramblas, it's interesting and popular, but not the best part of Barcelona by any means. Restaurants are expensive and not that great. If you're eating out, Las Ramblas is NOT where you want to be. There's much better, more authentic food at better prices, with much better service, away from Las Ramblas.
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    Sep 30, 2010 11:49 AM GMT
    Tibidabo on a nice day is my pick ( in addition to those suggested above ). It's a train, then tram, then funicular. We skipped the middle tram and hiked up the hill which was nice too.
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    Oct 02, 2010 2:33 PM GMT
    Barcelona is a fantastic city and it's one of the most gay friendly cities I've been in
    You have all the touristy things to do
    but just wander the streets
    Parc Guell and all the all the Gaudi buildings on Pasada Del Puig
    and don't forget to head out to Sitges for a day or two