Is anyone watching it on CNN (or has a specific interest in this issue?

A priest was just pulled out of the local parish here when word came that he had been molesting kids in Newfoundland & Labrador. He was transferred here only last year.

The Diocese of Antigonish in NS has come to a multi-million dollar settlement with victims there. The Diocese is selling the parish halls that the people paid for with their contributions to pay them: the victims are paying for the settlement to themselves!

The island of Sangaree off Cape Breton is being sold for $5 million - the few people there have been told to get off before Oct 1. So they are now going to be homeless too.
First you abuse them, then evict them and sell the land the church and the hall that was built with their money in the collection plates (always with a percentage going to Rome of course.)

Similar things are happening to towns throughout the Diocese.

(The Bishop of that Diocese was arrested at Ottawa airport when his laptop was discovered to be filled with child porn.) He is now "on retreat." (Not in jail) while he awaits trial (stonewalls).

And the Vatican pays not a penny.

They could pay of their victims by selling a few of their palimpsests from the Vatican library. icon_exclaim.gif