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    Sep 27, 2010 10:36 PM GMT
    One On One Sexy Swimmer-Built Guy Hunk former Pittsburger/US North American Me
    A beautiful site in the bathroom mirror tall athletic muscular swimmer-built hunk of a guy with naturally straight/wave-curly dark-haired wearing brief swimming trunks in a white towel me...Now in bed I feel his hands on my ass under my towel as my towel is starting to cum off naked we french kiss and I begin sucking his big/thick dick/cock mmmmmmmmm...I felt as if I were made to suck his dick...more french kissing and I assumed the position he put his big/thick dick/cock in my tight pussy/asshole love making/fucked me bareback

    Blonde Multiple Oragasmic Sex In the Club Gym/USNorth American Me
    Wearing a baseball cap jock strap thong Standing in the locker room all alone...until in walked this well-built similar to myself hunk tattoo pierced ears wearing 2 earings me 3 naturally straight blonde low cut hair he started stripping off his helped strip him completly naked of course...Huged Up Standing against the lockers kissing...Kissing French Kissing Licking Grinding Rimming Nipple Sucking Cock Sucking Sexing up aginst the lockers on the locker room bench on the locker room floor then we walk into the gym...he's grinding my bubble butt from behind (cock)hot dog in bun(ass crack) then his dickhead and some of his big/thick cock go inside my tight asshole ok...We continue to suck each others cum filled pre-cum raining big/thick cocks...gonna bust a nut time to cum...He tells me how hot I am and that he want to cum all over my face well yes of course I sit on the wait bench sucking/licking at him as he stands over me holding my face rubbing and taping his big/thick cock on my face stroking his big/thick dick busting a nut cumming all over my face then he starts stroking his big dick again and busts a second nut cumming on my face and then again he starts stroking his big thick dick and busts a third nut cumming on my face and then he starts stroking his big thick dick and busts a fourth nut cumming on my face Wow I really feel HOT...We share a cum french kiss in the mirror what a beautiful reflection...we get dressed and leave together since he offers me a ride home...he drives on my street and parks right down from my house we fall into each others arms grab each others big/thick horny cocks after midnight/morning french kiss in the car

    Threesome In The Hot Tub Another Pittsburger Guy/Florida Guy/US North American Me
    Next to the hot tub sexy naturally straight/curly brown dark-haired guy with a big erect cock/dick mmmmmmmmm...I crawled between his legs...sucking his cock/dick tastes so pre-cum thing I know is we are in the hot tub him standing in the water rock hard me sitting there sucking licking sucking and then a sexy straight-haired blonde guy started to suck my big erect pre-cum cock while I continued sucking this delicious big/thick cock that was already in my mouth...the blonde and I started kissing and I started sucking his thick sweet tasting cock... the blonde and I took turns sucking two cocks and balls at once cock to cock in a tight warm mouth feels so good...I tasted the sweet cum from the finger of the sexy brunette and kissed him

    One on One Slim Blonde from out of town/US North American Me
    Up against a wall In a booth with this naturally straight-haired blonde sexy hottie guy wearing a green&white shirt with a pair of blue jeans in which I unzip and pull down his underwear he also unzips my pants and pulls down my underwear and we started body grinding big/thick cock2cock and long thick cock2body...we kissed each other...we french kissed each other ...we sucked each others nipples...we sucked each others pre-cum salty/sweet flavored big/thick erect cocks/balls...we tasted each others huge loads of ejaculation cum from each others big/thick erect cocks...we stood cuddling in each others arms tounge licking each others cum in a french kiss

    Threesome In Bedroom Suite European Guy/Puerto Rican South-North American Guy/North American Me
    In a nice big bed with two other guys getting my big/thick cock sucked by a naturally straight/wave-curl lightbrown/dark-haired sexy european guy while sucking a big/thick cock medium-length straight dark-haired sexy spanish american both of their big/thick cocks are in my mouth me sucking both at the same time of course so pre-cum sweet...the guys taste my sweet asshole...I'm riding the euro then lean foward into bitch/doggy style now both of their cocks are in my tight warm asshole double penetration fucking me royaly...after the guys cum we tripple french kiss

    One On One Exotic Italian Sex European Guy/North American Me
    A very handsome/cute sexy European naturally straight/wave dark-haired Italian defined truly ripped six-pack abs muscular swimmer-built body standing in the shower with me giving me that look as I am him now we are on the way to the room with a bed of course...White Towels Drop 2 Naked bodies skin to skin...A passionate romantic french kiss...he begins sucking my cock it grows more erect in his mouth as it vibrates just right perfectly its feels so good...time to switch so I start sucking his big/thick erect cock mmmmmmm taste of sweet in my mouth...french kisses nipple sucking body licking kisses...time to give him a taste of my sweet ass...him on top of me my legs up in the between my legs is this muscular sexy guy pumping his rock hard cock skin in my tight asshole skin his dickhead touching my g-spot orgasmic cum squirting out of my rock hard cock it tastes so good so sweet...Sucking his Cock I taste sweet cum and we share a sweet cum french kiss

    One on One Hot Jewish Sex Middle Eastern Jewish Guy/North American Me
    In bed naked with a hot naturally straight/wave-curly dark-haired sexy Jewish/Middle Eastern guy french kissing sucking each others big/thick cocks grinding body2body cock2cock into a hot 69 position face-fucking until we cum tastes so sweet/Kosher salty

    One on One Bareback Skin to Skin Fucking/Making Love Sex-Partner Sexy
    Pittsburgh Blonde/Dark-Hair US North American Me
    In the shower naturally straight/wave golden blonde hair tall muscular athletic guy sexy face and body...We engage in kissing body grinding cock2cock sucking each others nipples...I put his big hard cock between my breasts leading into my mouth he face fucks me...I drop to my knees to suck and lick his massive erect meaty cock mmmmmmm...As he hold the back of my head I start sucking and licking his balls take them inside my mouth one by one then lick my way back to his thick erect cockhead to taste some sweet pre-cum...He drops to his knees sucks my big/thick cock&balls I hold the back of his head as he sucks my big erect cock so good I pre-cum with pleasure...Still pre-cumming as he rims my ass licking my tight asshole pussy so perfect now Standing atop of me he opens my legs I pull him into me and he pushes his big/thick long cock into my tight asshole pussy re-popping my cherry his masculine hands holding my waistline at the hips while he pumps his big cock/dick back and forth all the way in tapping/massaging my prostate g-spot just right giving me multipe orgasms I'm pre-cumming constantly my big/thick erect cock vibrating in my hand as he really hits the spot I'm cumming mmm it tastes so sweet I move my hips clockwise/counterclockwise around and around back and forth still feeling that huge thick cock in my tight ass until he pulls out with sounds of pleasure and I drop to my knees as he cums in my mouth cum glazed cock/dick rubbing on my face on my lips and taste more of his sweet/salty nuts in my mouth...while the shower water is still running we share a sexy cum kiss...Stepping into the hot tub we sit next to each other we fall into each others arms sharing a warm embrace begin to kiss into a lip sucking lip licking french kiss...the look in his beautiful eyes told me that he is more in love with me as I am more in love with him
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    Feb 27, 2012 10:42 AM GMT
    Nice copypastas bro. Cool stories. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Feb 27, 2012 10:43 AM GMT
    Also, Stuart: I think this guy has you beat for longest thread title icon_lol.gif
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    Feb 27, 2012 11:15 AM GMT
    Sep 27, 2010 5:36 PM
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    Feb 27, 2012 11:54 AM GMT
    SkinnyBitch saidSep 27, 2010 5:36 PM

    So? Still hilarious
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    Jun 22, 2012 12:25 AM GMT
    BUMP =D
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    Jul 01, 2013 11:14 PM GMT
    bump because op is clearly tweaking
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    Jul 03, 2013 2:39 AM GMT
    Take yo glass pipe and crush it under yo boot heel...