For those of you previously seeing my posts regarding political matters, I'm probably one of the most vocal, left winger RJ members here. In the past, I have railed against Rebublican/Tea Bagger/Wack Jobs in my home state of Florida---and I will continue to do so until their downfall is realized on Election Day.

However, on Election Day, I plan on voting for a Constitutional Amendment here that Republicans support and my Democratic Party turns it's back on. It's Amendment 4.

In a nutshell, Amendment 4 states voters have a say so in local developement issues. If passed, local elections could be held for the public to approve land being cleared for a subdivision, a shopping center, or what have you.

It is very costly to have progress being held up so a special election could be held to determine voter interest. Special elections cost money to pull off. In smaller Florida counties, the cost could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars---paid by taxpayers in the county where the election is held.

Voter turnout would be minimal for something like this and it would likely consist of the "Not in my back yard" bunch. And would I care to vote to approve a subdivision far away from me? Nope!

On the other hand, if this is turned down, it should not give developers a license to pave over Florida environmentally protected wetlands and other areas. We currently have strong laws in place to preserve these lands and that must not change.

I know there are a number of Sunshine Staters here and we all read the forums. I encourage you to look at all sides of this issue and Vote No on 4.

For those of you in other states, do you have laws similar to this, or are we down here trying to take the lead? Your input is welcome too.