I keep having sexual fantasies and dialog with my mind over this guy I just started talking to who I haven't met yet.

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    Oct 01, 2010 1:53 PM GMT
    I keep having conversations with him in my head! We only talk twice a week, due to us both being busy, and I keep asking him questions and answering them in my head. Last night while trying to go to sleep I kept thinking about us having our first sexual encounter, and I quickly came to the thought of him, literally within minutes as the fantasy took over me.

    I haven't even met him yet and my mind gets carried away with the idea of being in a relationship with him and having foreplay and sex together, to meeting his family and what not. I seem to think about every positive possibility. We only have webcammed and talked on the phone so far, and my mind has already been lifted into the clouds with the thought of him.

    I tend to do this with every new guy I end up talking to online who I seem to click with on some level. Does anyone else do this? or am I just nuts? I'm seriously thinking about going to see a shrink because my mind just doesn't quit.

    My mind exaggerates things and makes things better than how they often are when it comes to meeting a guy. Often guys never exceed my mental fantasy of them, and it leaves me to be upset, let down and always trying to come to terms with how my mind always builds things up to leave me crashing down. Seriously..should I seek mental help? does anyone else do this on a regular basis?

    I just want to have a good non-clingy relationship with a guy, and be able to not think about him all the time! or at least not go into wild conversations in my head with them. Yet I can't seem to quit it which is why I usually tend to avoid all guys in general as I feel like a nutcase.
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    Oct 01, 2010 2:36 PM GMT
    Dude your totally normal, people my look at this and call you crazy, but seriously...it's called day dreaming we all do it.

    You just really like the guy, i also like guys real fast but its best to real yourself back in, take a deep breath and make sure u dont scare him away.

    Good luck to y'all icon_smile.gif