I came across this story today and it reminds me of all the craziness in this world. I honestly don't understand why people play games and try to trick others? This case he trying in vain to win some political points but not based on issues or facts but completely unrelated methods.


But the question can be done in general, I have meet people online who also pretended to be someone else and tried to trick me into doing stuff with them. I once had a guy so into me that he created 3 separate profiles with fake photos and different personalities to figure out what I went for, he felt it was his job to change gay culture of some of its flaws, so he would test people and then lecture them if they didn't go for the real him but choose one of the alternates. I honestly don't understand how some people are so arrogant and self absorbed that they feel they can play games with people and still claim to be morally sound.