The 2010-11 Season is here! What are your thoughts?

  • shoelessj

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    Oct 03, 2010 4:40 PM GMT
    Baseball season ended in about July for me, and I really don't care about football at all, so I'm very glad that hockey is here again.

    Looking forward to the Blackhawks defending their Stanley Cup Championship. They've lost a bunch of players (and a coach or two) but they picked up some decent guys (Turco looks great) and their core is still here and only getting better. But you've got the Sharks, who really really want it, as well as a few other tough teams, like the Caps and Penguins.

    Because of the popularity of the Blackhawks now, it's tough to get tickets for under $100 to see them in Chicago, but the prospect of going to places like Rockford and Milwaukee to see minor league hockey (as well as a road trip to somewhere like Detroit or Nashville) seems exciting. Generally excited overall for the new season ... hope to lace up my own skates, as well, and if not play, at least go skating a few times!

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    Oct 08, 2010 12:14 AM GMT
    Soooo happy hockey is back! I'm watching the Leafs game as we speak, they're looking pretty good right now... PRAYING they make the playoffs this year. Sounds like you have the problem that I've been having for years... getting tickets that don't cost a left nut icon_lol.gif. I usually go to Buffalo when I want to see the Leafs, or Detroit. Usually a lot cheaper than tickets at the ACC. Gonna start playing in another week too, can't wait to hit the ice. Oh ya, and thanks for Versteeg icon_wink.gif
  • NorthStar15

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    Oct 09, 2010 6:09 PM GMT
    I'm ecstatic to see the Wild (Cause i'm from MN and Koivu is pretty good lookin icon_wink.gif ), and i'm excited to see and have those panicky moments that come from important penalty kills, shoot outs, and every save those ridiculous goaltenders tend to get icon_biggrin.gif