AussieBum new WJ Proline

  • thom53212

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    Oct 22, 2010 3:24 AM GMT
    is anyone else as excited as I am about the new WONDER JOCK Proline of underwear at Aussie Bum?

    does anyone have any promo codes for discounts at their website?

    or promo codes for discounts at Go Softwear?

    let me know - thanks
  • Posted by a hidden member.
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    Oct 22, 2010 7:56 AM GMT
    I think they are tooooooooo out there for me. Though I am still tempted to get some, but when would I actually wear them?
  • GQjock

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    Oct 22, 2010 10:11 AM GMT
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    Umm ...... There's something called Over-engineering
    Do I need them to be lifted and put out there on a Table?
    Nah ... they're fine right now thx icon_wink.gif