Was I Being Obsessive? You Ever Done The Same? But I Did Get Good Results

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    Dec 20, 2010 3:08 PM GMT
    Got a partner and no longer dating, but when I was single I'd plan my weekend evenings out like a military campaign. I'll leave my personal prep for another thread, but here's what I did at home before heading out to the gay club:

    My big night out was usually Saturday, and during the day I'd clean house, wash clothes, put fresh sheets on the bed, towels in the bathrooms, sinks shiny, etc. Needed to be done at least weekly anyway, but the timing meant the house was spotless if some guy came back with me later that night. Have you ever gone to some other guy's place, and it looked like a college dorm room after an all-night party? Ewwww...

    Fresh soap, shampoo, toothpaste and a new toothbrush were also in the bathroom. Discretely tucked in the nightstand drawers were trick towels, condoms & lube, where we could get them in an instant.

    But here's where I was really unique: I'd set the breakfast table before going out to the club. Not the dining room table, which was too big, but an intimate breakfast setting, usually in a sunny blue & white theme with a centerpiece. I'd also have inventoried the kitchen to make sure I could offer a good food selection the next morning, as well as drinks that night. And I'd lay out all the pans and utensils I expected to use, and got the coffee maker's timer preset and ready to brew.

    This served 2 purposes: I am totally groggy & disorganized in the morning, and the more prepared I was the easier my job would be. But also, when he came back with me at night, and we typically sat for drinks first, occasionally watching some TV, the breakfast nook might catch his eye. Maybe he'd say nothing, getting the message without speaking, or perhaps ask why the table was set, the kitchen counter ready with breakfast items.

    "It's for tomorrow morning, if you'd like to stay over and have breakfast with me," I'd reply very matter-of-factly. Not exactly subtle, but ya know, no guy ever turned me down, and indeed all seemed kind of flattered I'd gone to that much trouble for them. And that, after all, was my objective.

    And so next morning I'd be awake first as I always am, if initially in a semi-conscious state, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee sometimes already reaching my bedroom. I'd bring back a tray for him, asking him how he liked his coffee. Then take his breakfast order.

    I'd encourage him to join me there, not being very fond of breakfast in bed, providing him with sandals and a guest robe to match mine, as he'd invariably be naked. Eggs any way he wanted, of course, though I liked to show-off my method of preparing scrambled with a metal cocktail shaker and a whisk, which always got a smile. A mimosa or Bloody Mary on the side, and before long we were back in bed together.

    I don't think I ever failed to get a return engagement with these club pick-ups, for subsequent replays of the same routine. And a few went on to become my sole BF for fairly long periods of time. So while perhaps obsessive on my part, I never thought my investment was wasted, because I saw such good returns. icon_biggrin.gif

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    Dec 20, 2010 5:03 PM GMT
    You go through a lot of trouble for a supposed one night stand...are you expecting more than your club hook up.
  • rnch

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    Dec 20, 2010 5:06 PM GMT
    works for me, AD!

    but, then agian, i always have been "big" on advance thinking and orderly planing. i like things to go smoothly.

    25 years working for the feds have taught me Patience, Procedures and Planning in advance.
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    Dec 20, 2010 8:09 PM GMT
    Wow, a true seduction artist.
    Sure beats the hell out of my (special) gym bag in the trunk and standing reservation at the Holiday Inn Holidome.