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    Dec 24, 2010 3:36 PM GMT
    Hello to my fellow RJ'ers that work for an airline. I started with our airline about 9 months ago in our lounge for our frequent fliers. A few months after that I transitioned down to our ticket counter, then gates along with baggage office. I recently got a coveted position as one of our flight attendants and will be off to training very soon.

    How do incorporate your work outs into your airline schedule?

    Do you find it hard to meet quality guys? *There's a perception that most flight attendants (especially gay men) are mattresses in the sky. I am certainly not that. Figured if I was a whore I could be one on the ground and I choose not to do so. (Not judging any whores out there ;-)
    *With always flying to a different destination and being away so often do your potential dates/partners find this challenging?

    Of course with hospitality we are mostly almost working on holidays and weekends. Though in the end I love what I do and can escape to just about anywhere in the world.

    Thanks for your feedback in advance

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    Dec 25, 2010 12:22 AM GMT
    Bang one of the pilots for exercise. That's what we're there for, ya know. icon_biggrin.gif