Legal Experts: How Far Can Threats Go?

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    Dec 26, 2010 2:06 AM GMT
    I am strongly in favor of Progressives striking fear into the hearts of backassward thinkers who are destroying the unity of purpose the USA needs now.

    HARSH? Yes, but I'm not threatening violence. I propose a means of unrelenting accountability so that the LIARS: grom Sarah Palin to Rev. Rick Warren...and even asshat Senators.

    We've got real work to do now: Living with less resources and Inventing our way back to prosperity. The Party of No isn't helping and would prefer to destroy us to gain back power.

    My question is 'How invasive can we be into the lives of Michelle Bachmann and John McCain, that we can publish their every move, so that they can slink away with healthy US-taxpayer pensions......after their nasty work is done.???
  • Webster666

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    Dec 26, 2010 10:54 AM GMT
    John McCain is old news. He's a worthless old fart to whom few people pay any attention, outside of his home state of Arizona.

    The loud mouth loons like Michelle Bachman will bring themselves down. They've made the mistake of thinking, because they got elected to office, that they got a big mandate to change the government to their demented way of thinking.

    The Teabagger Republicans will disrupt any progress the regular Republicans want to make because the Teabaggers will not compromise. Most of them will serve one term, then get kicked out of office.