My workout is trash, I need help

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    Dec 28, 2010 4:00 PM GMT
    Im 17 and well just realized ive been overtraining, for example I just found out that you should bench press only 1-3 times a week which I was doing 5 times a week so im asking for help and if someone can give like a 3week or 4week workout I can stick to. I dont go to a gym, I used to but in June I bought a bench press a pull up bar and some dumbells. So I dont have dont have the big cable machines.

    Here are my stats 5'7.5" tall and I weigh 135lbs. my goal is to gain about 15-20lbs. of muscle. I understand that I need to eat more and get more protein which I do for example 30mins before and after my workout I consume atleast 20g of protein etc.

    And for the bech press, how many sets and reps should I be doing? My max is 140lbs.

    I do 4sets/12reps:
    Set1 85
    Set2 95
    Set3 110
    Set4 120lbs

    Its crap right?
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    Dec 28, 2010 4:26 PM GMT
    OK you get the same treatment as this other guy

    Read my reply there now.

    For you, you just need to plain eat more. You also need to rest. 3 times a week will do you a LOT of favours for the first 6 months of your training, if not the first few years.

    You don´t need cable machines... with dumbells and a bench you can do all you need for now. The pull up bar is good too....

    Commit to 3 times a week, and to working well at eating well. I suspect your diet needs an overhaul.

    BTW the amount that you can bench press matters to no-one but you. What you want to do is improve body composition, muscular size, body proportions and then whatever you need for any sports you like. unless you plan on competitative power lifting your bench max is NOT important. Don´t waste any time on numbers....
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    Dec 28, 2010 7:08 PM GMT
    You have similar stats to me when I started. I know firsthand the results of overtraining. I wish I'd had guidance back then. I'd probably be about 20# heavier now. Anyway.... At the very beginning, doing a full body routine (no more than 2 exercises per body part) 3 times a week is beneficial to get your body into "training". Don't do the exact same 2 exercises every workout. Shift it around a little. As you progress, you should find a routine that hits everything once, or possibly twice, a week. I think a modified DC training is a good way to go. The work is intense, the workouts are relatively short, and in a seven day period, you hit each body part twice. The point is, that with your body type, you need to get heavy, short workouts. Granted at your size now, that won't be too heavy by my standards, but your body at 17 will definitely adapt and grow over the next 5 years. So you need to be patient and be consistent. You also should strive for symmetry, and that most definitely includes legs. My pet peeve: too many guys focus on abs, biceps, and pecs.