Where to start?!

  • broadwayboy

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    Dec 29, 2010 1:19 AM GMT
    So I have been wanting to start going to the gym to get started on making it a routine, but I don't even know where to start. I'm already in good shape but want to start gaining muscle weight and shape...I know I should go to a trainer but I'm a student and don't have the money for it. Ideas? Articles I should read? How did you start when you started going to the gym?
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    Dec 29, 2010 7:22 AM GMT
    Check out www.bodybuilding.com you'll find a lot of useful articles.
    First you'll start with a full body workout, 2 exercises for each muscle, 2 sets- 15 reps for each exercise.
    And you must drink a protein shake before and immediately after your workout.
    Since you are already lean you don't have to do a cardio session more than once every week or every other week.

    Good luck.