*? 1: What's the most cheesiest pick up line you ever anunciated?

? 2: Does Cheese Give You ALOT of Gas(like I Do icon_eek.gificon_redface.gif )?

? 3: Opinions of "Narcism".

? 4: Ever laughed so hard that you peed in your pants icon_eek.gif?

? 5: Ever Bitched Slapped some1 so hard that they lay flat/uncoscious on the floor icon_eek.gif?

? 6: Had A(n) orgasm when you watch two hot gay guys kissing in public?

? 7: Ever wished you wanted to have EVERY Superpower known to human beings?

? 8: Do You Think Telemarketers are so annoying that you "accidentally" pulled off the phone line (for a while); then once you plug it back again, then they call you the 2nd time. Is It?

? 9: Ever peed (Secretly) in the pool while your friends are happily swimming in it icon_eek.gif?

? 10: While walking, did you step on (any kinds of crap) sh*t, then you get really pissed; then swear and (kinda) smell it?

Note: The--> * <-- means; a short version of "Question"