Since this forum is quicky becoming "All Israel, All The Time" I thought I would add a few topics, such as this one:

With another party unlikely to grant him room on their list, Shas' Chaim Amsellem will soon be forgotten by the same media that momentarily made him a champion of free speech.

Chaim Amsellem must be the most popular rabbi right now in Israel. That is, among Israelis who don't normally like rabbis.

This is only natural. After all, his views seem almost tailor-made to appeal to those who believe the ultra-Orthodox community is a group of parasitic good-for-nothings. He thinks that most Haredi men should work and serve in the army, and only a minority of them should study Torah for decades in yeshivas; that Haredi children should be taught the national core curriculum; and that the stringent requirements of the rabbinical conversion courts be relaxed for those already of Jewish ancestry, certainly for young men and women who have risked their lives in the defense of the Jewish state.