O throws in the towel on his bipartianship way of dealing in Washington

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    Jan 03, 2011 2:39 AM GMT
    Biden to take bigger role as Obama faces stronger GOP

    Vice President Joe Biden is a career politician who has spent virtually his entire adult life in Washington politics — seemingly the antithesis of Barack Obama's hope-and-change message.

    Yet with a new political order in Washington, the success of Obama's presidency hinges more and more on the negotiating skills and political instincts of his No. 2.

    Read more: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2011/01/01/106065/biden-to-take-bigger-role-as-obama.html#ixzz19w5Mp32R

    O's stupid idea that all he had to do was come to Washington and act nicey-nice with the Repugs and the way Washington operated would change. Like every other president came here just to fight with the opposition party!

    O wasnt elected to make kissy-kissy. He was elected to get an agenda done. And what was got were tepid accomplishments.

    O is a fool. And he cost us two years of Democratic control in Washington while he learned the ropes. Now he has to turn to Biden to help him save his presidency. Remember, how he shushed Biden. Hey, O, your proctologist called. He found your head!
  • Webster666

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    Jan 03, 2011 11:28 PM GMT
    I agree.
    My President was extremely naive.
    He didn't learn anything from his mistakes.
    Apparently he didn't listen to any of his advisors, and most of them quit.
    He hired Wall Street crooks to straighten out Wall Street.
    He still doesn't have his priorities straight.

    We should have gone with Hillary.