Politicians Pulling a Boehner (or "BONER" fits as well, because its every bit as dumb and just as obvious)

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    Jan 05, 2011 5:26 PM GMT
    Poliiticians all say and do some crazy obvious hypocritical words and actions most often to cover their real motives/intentions. We can always follow the money to find where any politicians allegience is. Lets list some politicians names and their hypocritical actions, or actions done to cover their asses, that do harm to our country, and our citizens.

    We'll call them "Politicians Pulling a Boner"

    Years ago, the short phrase "pulling a boner" meant that you did something obviously stupid and rediculous, something that embarasses ourselves or another person because of their actions. We have a multitude of examples amongst politicians

    I'll start with a very obvious one by a favorite Republican named Boehner, (Of Course Democrats have their fair share of "Pulling Boners" too, so lets not leave anyone out.)

    A few weeks ago Boehner was caught on Video crying over his concern for "the children of our country who want to live the American dream", but this week he's the top dog in the House planning to repeal the very health care that will help those Children he cried about. He's trying to destroy a safety net for families. He's wanting to give back the Inurance Co's ability to deny children and adults healthcare for pre existing conditions, the lifetime caps and etc. Follow the money and it leads directly to his backers the Health Insurance Corps at the expense of children. If this isn't Pulling a Boehner "BONER" I don't know what is. What a Hypocrite !!

    Its your turn to name some politician and his or her action of "PULLING A BONER"
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    Jan 06, 2011 1:16 AM GMT
    Palin at multiple rallies claimed Obama was "palling around with terrorists" while trying to cover that her own husband had for several years been a member of an Alaskan secession movement to break away from the US. Thats about as Hypecritical as a Politician can get
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    Jan 06, 2011 8:56 AM GMT
    Boner and his Republicans have pledged to get rid of the Department of Education. Obviously, they want all of our kids to grow up to be stupid enough to vote Republican and to believe all the silly fear, lies, and hatred that are the Republicans' only weapon for winning an election.
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    Jan 06, 2011 4:55 PM GMT
    Yesterday the republicans voted along party lines against a Democratic attempt at transparency in a measure to require all members to disclose whether or not they accept the Government Health Insurance or decline it. The republicans all voted against such open disclosure of their taking the Public Health Insurance, they are the very ones who plan to attempt a repeal of the new Health Care/Insurance law, which would deny Health Insureance for Americans including children. HYPOCRITES !!!!!!
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    Jan 09, 2011 4:56 PM GMT
    Last night after the shooting of Congressman Gifford, the half time governor of Alaska, Palin took down her infamous "cross hairs" map from her site. In Palins gun targets, one was trained on Gifford who was a particularly hated "liberal" among Palins favorites the "tea baggers".

    Even Palin must have felt she "pulled a boner" this time or she wouldn't have been so quick to pull her "cross hairs" site with Gifford as a target. Palin sure is a class act isn't she !!!