It'd be interesting to see how they remake the series in animation.

Only days after leaving the Governor's office in Sacramento, there is talk of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to feature films.

Dispelling notions that he would seek political office again in the near future, an entertainment career comeback now seems likely for the box office action star who put his silver screen gig on hold to serve two terms as California's governor.

On Tuesday, rumors of a fifth Terminator film surfaced yet again. Terminator 3000, which would cost an estimated $100 million to produce, would be an animated flick that would require the voice-over work of the film's original stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

With concern that Schwarzenegger is now "too old" to do another live action Terminator film, the same animation effects utilized in Terminator Salivation may be required to facilitate yet another Arnold comeback.

Industry sources, however, say that if James Cameron returns to the franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger's payday could be upwards of $30 million for a simple voice over job on the project.