Arizona Thug (Note: a portion of this is explicit in regards to what appears to have happened.)

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    Jan 09, 2011 8:02 PM GMT

    There is nothing good about what happened to the folks who were killed or injured in Arizona.

    We have discussed guns in a thread over the last couple of days but we have not taken a look at the weapon or a similar weapon. Oddly, Congresswoman Giffords' survival may rest upon the weapon used and the Grace of God.

    The thug used a 9mm Glock. To be more precise he used a Glock chambered for the 9X19mm Luger cartridge. Since the media reported it held 30 rounds with an extended clip, it was most likely a model 17. 30 round clips for the model 17 are readily available.

    The weapon below is a Glock model 20. It is a full-size weapon chambered for the potent 10mm round. The magazine shown to the left holds 14 rounds. If you load the magazine and pop the top round into the chamber, you can then add that round back to the magazine bringing total capacity to 15 rounds.

    As gross as this is and as gross as this sounds, less damage was likely done if the thug was using full metal jacket rounds. He was close we know. By the round exiting like it did, entering a relatively soft portion of the skull, it likely did not mushroom at all. In other words the wound channel was smaller and no fragmentation likely occured.

    The 10mm below is worse than unkind. It is loaded with 180 grain hollow point ammunition to the full SAMMI pressure allowance for the caliber. Fortunately such a weapon was not used.

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    Jan 09, 2011 11:56 PM GMT
    Why does this need to be a separate thread?