Low carb day/cravings

  • Patroclus77

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    Jan 11, 2011 9:20 PM GMT
    Hello peeps,

    I'm currently on a fat burning/lean muscle diet that alternates from medium to low to very low carb days. I naturally crave carbs and the cravings can be torture on low carb days. Any suggestions or personal experiences as to how to deal with thus without trashing my diet.


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    Jan 12, 2011 12:59 AM GMT
    Don't deprive your self of what you crave. If you're craving carbs, eat them, your body wants them for a reason. Just make choices in the type of carbs that you do eat.
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    Jan 12, 2011 6:05 PM GMT
    steven88 saidDon't deprive your self of what you crave. If you're craving carbs, eat them, your body wants them for a reason. Just make choices in the type of carbs that you do eat.

    Good suggestion. Must have pasta? Go whole wheat. etc. etc.
  • MuscleComeBac...

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    Jan 12, 2011 6:18 PM GMT
    I'm focused on size again (after having dropped a great deal of fat) and less concerned about carb depletion right now, but still mindful. So on low carb days I have a bowl of Quinoa pasta with a small chicken breast or some black beans and a hand-full of diced green olives (rinsed) at lunch.
    The Quinoa provides a substantially appropriate quantity of complex carbs as well as good protein, and digests more slowly than higher glycemic carb sources such as some fruits like oranges, bananas, pineapple, tomatoes, and more slowly than traditional pastas - even the other whole grain pastas.
    Then I stay away from carbs after 5 p.m. and turn to lean red meat (only eat top-round/london broil for red meat source) trimmed to 0% fat, and cottage cheese - a superior form of casein which is very slow digesting and still substantive enough to satisfy.
    The other trick is to eat mindfully and slowly.
    Remember, the body does not signal that the stomach is 'full' until fifteen to twenty minutes afterwards, so the more slowly you consume late-in-the-day proteins when you're carb depleting, the less your body will signal a craving.
    Eating slower digesting carbs like black beans, oats, sweet potatoes/yams at mid-day/early evening meals (meal three and four on a six to seven meal plan) and eating slowly will actually calm down your carb craving.
    The other thing to remember is that if you're less than three months into a strict change in diet where 'white foods' like refined flower and sugar have been cut from your diet, your body is still going through a kind of detoxification. Sugar and white flower are cruel task-masters in the system, and getting off of them can take your body some time before it no longer craves.
    Having recently exited the holiday season, it's very likely that you indulged (deservedly) in sugary, cake-y treats. It's like filling your car with one tank of low-grade fuel and then filling it with high-test when it's only half-gone. It takes time for all the lesser fuel to work through the system, and a little bit longer for the neuro-receptors neuro-transmitters to stop firing in response thereto.
    Be patient, be diligent and be reasonable with yourself and cravings for the bad shit will cease.
    And remember always - lots and lots and lots of water.
  • FredMG

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    Jan 12, 2011 6:35 PM GMT
    My carb cravings tend towards very starchy carbs like potatoes and white rice. I thought about this and what I like is the 'full satisfied feeling' as much as anything, so I started expeimenting and found that a blend of:

    long grain brown rice
    sweet brown rice
    short grain brown rice

    all in about equal quantities are as satisfying as calrose rice.

    From what I've read, and other sorces the "quantum carb wisdom" is

    - whole grains, cooked al dente, are the best.
    - semi processed grains (whole grain pasta, white rice) cooked al dente good.
    - starchy vegetables & fruits (potatoes, bananas) good.

    over cooked starchy foods, grains (i.e. boiled potatoes, over cooked rice) metabolize faster and more like sugar - it make sense, cooking 'pre-digests' things and breaks down structures. things like 'corn flakes' or 'veggie booty" are so processed that they count as 'over cooked' and easy to digest and convert into sugars as opposed to firmly cooked grains which covert to fiberous starches.

    So, depending on what your body needs, let that be your guide: Need a short term burst of engergy? eat some mashed potatoes. Need staying power eat some firmly cooked (al dente) whole grains.

    I don't think any food is bad. There's a place for creamy-soft baked potatoes topped with butter, sour cream, bacon bits and chives. It's called a treat or indulgence.

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    Jan 12, 2011 6:40 PM GMT
    Being diabetic I am looking all the time for foods to satisfy that desire for carbs. A food product that works very well for me is: the Adkins Advantage protein bars.

    10g Protein
    1g Sugar
    11g of Fiber
    4g of Net Carbs

    What the net carbs means is you take the original total carbohydrates amount of 22g. Because of the digestion process you are able to subtract the dietary fibe, which in this case is 11g. So you are down to 11g of carbs. Additionally, the Sugar Alcohols are able to be subtracted because of the way they digest, (not the regular sugar). The sugar alcohol in the Atkins bar is 7g. 11g minus 7g equals 4g of carbs.

    So you can have a satisfying protein bar with 4g of carbs.

    Wal-Mart has them for a great price. A 5 pack for about $6.00. Sam's Club's price is even better. A15 pack for about $15.00.
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    Jan 12, 2011 6:58 PM GMT
    I think you should talk to your nutritionist about upping your carbs on the low-carb "torture" days. But if you are weaning yourself off bread you should expect at least the first month to be very hard and it will probably take you more than three months to kill the cravings for flour.

    You are eating heaps of veggies and fruit right? Rule of thumb, grains and legumes are high carb, tubers and various roots are medium carb, leafy are low carb. Cauliflower "cous-cous" and cauliflower fried "rice" are pretty good dishes to get you started.
  • Patroclus77

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    Jan 13, 2011 1:59 AM GMT
    thanks for all of your suggestions guys. I only have two more weeks on this diet then will cycle onto a more forgiving one. in addition to the good food choice suggestions, the point about taking some time to 'detox' from carb-y treats is well taken...that gives me hope that my cravings will diminish as time goes by. i will post some pics shortly...the ones i have at my disposal now were taken prior to a back injury and i feel posting them might be somewhat disingenuous, as I lost quite a bit of mass during the rehab process. back is much better now and am training with regular intensity....should be back to where i was in no time and pics will follow icon_lol.gif