I somehow injured my left wrist. It is in the area below my thumb on the wrist. I thought I slept on it wrong one day. After a weekend of resting it, it seem to get worse. I went to the doctors to get it checked out. He suggested I get an X-ray and gave me some Teva-Naproxen (anti-inflammatory drugs?), and told me to rest it.

Because it was over the holidays, I decided to give upper body a break. For 2 weeks, I have been focusing on cardio and legs. I had taken the drugs as instructed, and I made sure not to strain it by doing activities that gave me discomfort.

Over the holidays, I ran out of the drugs, and at first I didn't think they were working. But the moment I went off them, the pain was constant. It hurt to buckle/unbuckle my belt in the car and on my pants, tying my shoelaces, scratching my head and closing my hatchback on my car...

Today, the doctor tells me my xray results look perfect. He suggest another round of Xrays to rule out occult scaphoid fractures and sometimes the second pass of xray results sometimes find something.
He's also given me a renewed prescription and tells me not to do anything that causes it pain.Then gave me a note for either to see a Sport's Doctor or Physiotherapist.

Last time i saw a Physiotherapist, it was on my shoulder and it took 8 months to full heal. I'm afraid of losing my upper body strength. For fun, I tried lifting the bar at the gym for a bench press just to see if I could do it. There was definite pain, so that's out of the questions until I get better.

My question:
- What can I do to help maintain upper body muscle. Chest, Shoulders, biceps. I feel all the exercises I used to do involved my wrist. My doctor suggested swimming, but I'm not that into swimming...
- For anyone who lives in Ottawa, can you recommend a good PT? The last one I went to I think overcharged me and the last few session were just checkups really...