What the Chinese think of the AZ shooting

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    Jan 15, 2011 10:16 PM GMT
    A mixture of "told-ya-so" and reflection on how much more restrictive and distant the Chinese government is.
    http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2011/01/10/chinas-netizens-react-giffords-shooting/tab/print/This is part of American Democracy. -Youku user “Ontario Rabbit”

    I’m living in Tucson, and have heard Giffords speak before. In order to save money and be closer to voters, she always travels with relatively light security (remember: it’s legal to have guns in the US), and common people can stand as close as 5 meters to her. She often gives speeches in front of supermarkets or on college campuses. Imagine if it were a high ranking Chinese official: First, no one would be allowed to have a gun; second, speeches are only given meeting halls, never at supermarkets; and last but not least, if an official were to show up in public the whole street would be cleared and blocked in advance! If it was a provincial level official, then the whole area for at least 1 kilometer will be cordoned off! - a Netease user in the U.S.

    We have no guns, but we have shootings -Sina Weibo user Lirzheng2456

    This is the result of American-style human rights. So is the economic crisis. The U.S. is the biggest threat to the world. Everything would much easier without the U.S. Things in China would be easier to handle, and there would be peace in the world. -A Netease user in Guangdong Province

    Obama said this incident was “not only a tragedy for Arizona, but a tragedy for the entire country.” True words, but I wonder if our leaders would ever be able to say anything like that?! Our almighty dynasty is free of tragedies, we are so harmonious. -a Netease user in Guangxi Province

    (At least) they can express dissatisfaction and fight for their rights, unlike in China where people can only set themselves on fire to express dissatisfaction. -A Netease user in Heilongjiang Province

    If private guns were also legal in China, then us common people could have taken care of all those Li Gangs and their sons instead of involving the courts. -A Netease user from Nanning.

    China doesn’t allow private guns because officials know perfectly well it is they who would end up eating the bullets! -Sina Weibo user “Dou Erwan”

    We have the gall to mock others? One of own citizens was run over by a bulldozer, with the law enforcement standing by, watching and smiling…should we not feel ashamed? -Youku user “Yi’ershan”
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    Jan 16, 2011 6:32 AM GMT
    Interesting... Very cool to read