starring and produced by Chad Allen (Dr. Quinn), Robert Gant and Judith Light this film starts out like an Evangelical Production with soppy music and the fear of another one sided approach to homosexuality.

Knowing that Chad Allen recently came out, I decided to stick with it and found a movie that grows into a powerhouse of acting and theme.

An addicted, gay prostitute, Allen ends up at a Christian retreat for young gay men, promoting the healing abilities of Christ and faith. The producers take a compassionate, and real view at all parts of the equation in an approach depicting well meaning but naive believers interacting with gay men tryiing to convince themselves that they can be released from the demons of homosexuality.

Having been through this phase, sans retreat but adequately dosed in evangelical fervor, I related well with both sides and understood where each had their hearts....It is a movie well worth seeing..especially for those wanting to see the church in a different light than we sometimes do...

Two definite thumbs up...................keithicon_wink.gif