Im getting another head hunting offer to do the exact same thing for a different company. It always seems to happen at a time when I am really pissed off at the current company I am at, and I am consulting the all mighty RJ forum for advice on whether or not I should take it or stick with the company Im at.

I work as a registered representative, because the company wont allow me to get my 7 & 66, and I was drawn there because of its professionalism in the current marketplace. They also promised to give me leads for the next 2 years, and that I wasnt supposed to talk to people I knew about what I did as I am not supposed to practice on them.

Well, I went in, and fast forward 3 months the firm's policy has changed and we are no longer given leads, and instead told to go out and sell to friends and family. When I do talk to my friends, and get them to start saving money, I get chastised when not placing them in high commission, high fee products and instead chose one that I feel is more appropriate for their given situation. They have also started charging us rent, and want me to go around to everyone I meet and ask them to buy life insurance right away (which I personally dont think works too well.) Also, the job is entirely commissioned based, and whenever I bring up issues that I have at the firm to the management/boss, he tells me "if you dont like it, leave."

So in comes this other company, they are a property & Casualty insurance brokerage firm who works with high net worth individuals, such as US senators, CEOs, big privately held corporations, and so forth. They have no one who does employee benefits, life insurance, ltc, disability, and investments. They want to bring me in to handle these things for the firm, and are willing to pay me a salary plus commissions. The office isnt as nice, however getting a small salary would be. Plus I would have leads thrown at me, while branding myself in the community.

The second one seems like a no brainer, but I have all ready left one company to go work for another one, and I feel like an ass leaving. At the same time, I also feel like the company lacks integrity and that my voice is not really well heard. Would it look bad for me to jump from company to company?

Anyone elses opinions?