First, hello to all. I signed up here to ask this, but after looking around I hope to make it a habit.

Two weeks (exactly) before Christmas, I was knocked from the top of an 8ft ladder squarely onto my left knee. My leg was bent and I can't describe the pain when I tried to straighten out, but I reached down to my knee cap and felt nothing there. With A LOT of morphine and anti-anxiety meds they got me to straighten the leg in the ER and sent me home to call an orthapedist on Monday morning (this was Friday night). She actually called me before that because she couldn't believe they let me leave the building with such an injury.

So on 12/13 I had surgery and then spent the first night I can rememebr in a hospital. I should say that I've never had surgery nor had I ever broken a bone before this so everything is new and I've got no experience to go on here. Anyway, it turns out the patella split into 7 pieces on impact. When I attempted to get up, all of the attached muscles and tendons pulled their own piece into the leg. The surgeon was able to put in a screw on each side and then wrap the rest in wire to get it all to fuse back together.

I was just in a brace for 3 weeks until they could get the staples out (thick scar) and they put me in a hard cast from my ankle to my groin for 4 weeks. I've, of course, been on crutches since day 1 and the cast has been hell, but I've developed a routine and I'm off all pain meds. I'm going to assume the cast will come off 2/2 and I'll go back to the brace and begin therapy.
I see people talking about recovery from torn ACL, arthroscopic surgery, etc, but not a fracture to my extent. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any idea what sort of recovery I'm looking at from here?

I know that when I went in for my 1st post-op x-ray 2 weeks after surgery they took off the brace and bandages and asked me to "crutch it" to the next room for the x-ray. I almost made it to the table before they tell me my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I started going down. The sensation of my lower leg "dangling" unsupported was nightmarish and the tech explained that the muscles almost immediately forget how to function.

Any information, feedback, tips or whatver would be greatly appreciated and I apologize for the length and detail. When you can't do anything but lay flat on a couch online most of the day, you tend to ramble. Beats playing games on facebook, though.

Thanks everyone & have a great day!