hi im new hear, so let me tell u what im into. i have lots of fantasys, like want to suck a dick, and getting fuck, i wank over that most nights, im into feet also, sum times i think about ggetting fucked well someone is licking my feet. or fucking me well my legs are up in the air and a guy holding my ankles. im own a pair of high heels which turns me on to wear with pantyhoses, i also wank about lieing on the bed with my head over the end and a cock going in and out out of my mouth, god i would love a mouthful of cum, and i wank about lieing infront of a chair and a guy coming in after a hard day work, putting his feet on my face, worshipping his feet and sock, even shoes. send me a message on me profile if u fancy a talk sumtime, thx. ps, i have never been with a guy b4