So I used to work out on a millitary base and I would see guys in there from the time i got there till I after I left usually an hour later, guys that were as big as trucks just pumping away. I was seeing some gains while I was consistently going but it was always so crowded no matter when I went so kind of fell into a slump. Now that Im working out at home what could I do in conjunction with p90x? I never really feel that sore the next day, even though I do push myself, Im just so used to a slot of resistance training and sets. If guys in the military and those up the sports ladder can workout for hours a day and not cause their muscles to catabolize what could I add into my workout to see the mass I want to achieve? Especially when it comes to the lower body, I never feel like I get that good of a pump. The only thing that causes me to feel exhausted when using p90x is primarily the cardio from the circuit training (which Im not used to)

Should I just start adding some extra compound exercises in there? Benche presses, squats and barbell curls?

Could I just feel like I dont acheive that much of a pump due to trying to use the bands? My current weight set are standard bars that weight has to be added or taken off and kept in place w/ stars, not very efficient and cant switch quickly. Would quickly lose my heart rate if I had to constantly switch weight. So dont know what to do.

Im roughly 5'11, 165 lbs, 10% BF and all I want to do is drop my BF by 3% gain some mass and gain a lot more tone and definition.